Novogradac Practice Areas

Tax and Audit Novogradac & Company LLP offers cost-effective audit and tax services to clients, most notably in the real estate and community development field, but also for a variety of industries, including but not limited to not-for-profits, government agencies, development and construction companies and securities firms.

Consulting Novogradac & Company LLP provides consulting services specifically relating to affordable housing and community development as well as general consulting services for other industries.

Property Compliance The firm has a significant practice in providing services to help ensure that low-income housing properties maintain compliance with their regulatory requirements, including but not limited to those under the low-income housing tax credit, tax-exempt bond and HOME programs. These services are provided on behalf of investors, general partners and management companies of properties throughout the country.

Government Consulting and Valuation Advisory The Novogradac Government Consulting and Valuation advisory Group (GoVal Group) provides comprehensive real estate advisory services to all levels of government (federal, state and local), as well as the private sector.

Renewable Energy Novogradac & Company’s Renewable Energy Tax Credit Group’s services are based on comprehensive knowledge of and broad experience with complex tax, accounting, business and transactional issues inherent in financing and developing renewable energy projects. Our renewables team has assembled and developed the critical resources necessary to provide outstanding professional services in dealing with the challenges associated with these emerging technologies. The firm’s work in the renewable energy industry includes various services in connection with the production tax credit under IRC Section 45 and the investment tax credit under IRC Section 48.

Wine Industry Novogradac & Company LLP brings to the table an in-depth understanding of the key issues and challenges facing the wine industry and provides its owners, investors, lenders and growers with comprehensive knowledge of market, legislative, environmental and financial issues.

Defeasance Novogradac & Company LLP provides services in defeasance transactions to help ensure that the securities being used to defease a loan are sufficient to meet the required principal and interest payments.

Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony Novogradac & Company LLP provides litigation support and expert witness testimony for those whose situation requires a specialist recognized by the court as having expert knowledge about evidence in a legal case. The firm's partners are widely regarded as having the expertise needed to express an opinion about the validity of evidence in a case and convey that opinion in a way that can be understood and believed.

Construction Cost Studies Novogradac & Company LLP provides services to state agencies to help identify strategies to contain affordable housing construction costs.

Marketing Resources Novogradac & Company LLP provides one-stop shopping for a wide range of resources in the affordable housing and community development industries. The firm's marketing department offers affordable housing practitioners and community development professionals the most comprehensive resources in their industries.