2017 LIHTC Development that Best Preserves Special Needs Population

Inglis Gardens at Belmont

Developer: Regan Development Corporation 
Location: Philadelphia

2017 Special Needs Population DOD Winner Inglis Gardens at Belmont

Inglis Gardens at Belmont in Philadelphia was built to help disabled adults transition out of assisted living into independent homes. Developed by Regan Development Corporation, half of the 40 apartments in the new building are fully handicap accessible, with 10 reserved for people with disabilities transitioning out of a nursing facility. Amenities include a library and technology room, fitness room and wellness room for therapy. Ingles House partners with a local service provider to deliver affordable, accessible rental housing to a high-needs population with few choices. 

“A true example of what commitment and collaboration can accomplish,” said Denise Muha, Development of Distinctions judge. “What a great resource for the community and the residents with special needs.”

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