Online Banner Ad Dimensions and Layout

Novogradac & Company LLP Website Statistics

  • 213,254 Average monthly page views for entire site
  • 65,269 Average monthly unique visitors for entire site

The above numbers are from September 2020 - August 2021.

Ad Specifications

File Format

JPEG, PNG or GIF are accepted. Flash (or SWF files) are no longer accepted due to deprecation by major browser software and incompatibility with mobile devices.

Creative Material Deadline

For long and short-term banner campaigns, please submit creative a minimum of seven days prior to the “go-live” date of your campaign.

File Submission

Please send creative materials to Christianna Cohen at [email protected].

Ad Banner Dimensions (Resource Centers)

A - Sidebar Square724 pixels724 pixels
B - Sidebar Rectangle724 pixels1000 pixels
C - Content Bottom Region724 pixels150 pixels
D - Footer Region970 pixels150 pixels

Ad Banner Dimensions (Other Pages)

A - Sidebar Square724 pixels724 pixels
C/D - Content Bottom Region/Footer Region724/970 pixels150 pixels


Ad Banner Placement Layout

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