Work-Life Balance

We care about balance sheets. We also care about a balanced life.

Our employees are intelligent, motivated and inspired by collaboration. They thrive in an environment that pushes them to exceed not only our clients’ expectations, but their own personal goals as well.

Careers balance

We know that the tax season is challenging and requires a substantial time commitment that asks a lot of our employees and their families. Because Novogradac’s partners understand and believe in the importance of a healthy work-life balance, we provide plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy life outside of the office. In addition to paid holidays and paid time off throughout each year, the firm supports this focus on work-life balance by sponsoring several annual social events such as parties, picnics, baseball games and community service opportunities.

Careers balance 2

At Novogradac, your potential for advancement is limited only by your will to succeed. The work we do is challenging and complex. Our clients’ expectations are high and we expect you to work hard to meet and exceed them. There is more to life than work, however, and we know the best way to support and encourage you to excel is to offer real work-life balance.

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