CPE 9.14.17: Novogradac Maximizing Rental Income via Alternative Utility Allowances Webinar

Continuing Professional Education

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  • Note how applying a utility allowance affects the amount of rent owners may charge LIHTC tenants
  • Determine when applying a utility allowance other than the local public housing authority (PHA) allowance would be appropriate or beneficial
  • Determine circumstances when certain utility allowances MUST be used
  • Determine the deadlines for reviewing and implementing new utility allowances, including during initial lease up
  • Identify circumstances under which ratio utility billing system (RUBS) could be used in conjunction with the LIHTC program
  • Note the appropriate way to charge tenants for energy provided by the owner from renewable sources

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of the LIHTC program

Advance preparation required: None

Category: Specialized Industry Knowledge

Credit hours: 2.5

In accordance with the standards of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, CPE credits for this course are based on a 50-minute hour group-Internet based instructional method and responses to three attendance monitoring activities (usually in the form of polling questions) per credit. Failure to participate in the entire live webinar will result in partial or no CPE credit.

Note: Multiple paid registrants within an organization may choose to watch the webinar on one screen. In situations where small groups view a webinar, for multiple members of the group to claim CPE credit it is not necessary for the individuals in the group to respond to polling questions individually. The person logged into the program may respond to the polling on behalf of the group and the monitoring of active participation of the individuals in the small group will be documented and verified by the small group administrator.

If you are watching the webinar in a group and wish to be eligible to claim CPE credit for multiple members of the group, please print and fill out the Small Group Sign-In Sheet (also provided during the webinar) and submit it to sarah.scholz@novoco.com.

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