Nomination Criteria

To be eligible for consideration, a tax credit development will have been placed in service between June 14, 2018, and June 15, 2019, and:

  • Involve the use of federal renewable energy investment tax credits,
  • Federal renewable energy production tax credits, and/or
  • Section 1603 cash grant funds.

A nominating entity may nominate more than one development. Developments may be one with which the nominating entity was involved or simply one deemed deserving.

  • Developments will be judged on the following criteria. Has this development:
  • Had a positive impact on job creation and its community's energy footprint?
  • Reflected effectiveness and innovation in the use of renewable energy tax credits?
  • Responded to community need(s)?
  • Provided measureable benefits?
  • Employed the effective use of community resources?
  • Achieved its objectives?
  • Instituted the use of innovative strategies in bringing benefits to its community?
  • Demonstrated benefits that outweigh costs?
  • Established successful strategies that can be repeated?

The nomination deadline​ for the 2019 round has been extended until Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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