2021 Development that Best Exemplifies Special Needs Population

Main Street Apartments

Developers: RST Development, LLC and Main Street Connect, Inc.
Owner: Main Street Ap, LP
Location: Rockville, Maryland

2021 DOD Awards - Special Needs Populations - Winner

Main Street Apartments was conceived, designed and developed by RST Development LLC and Main Street Connect Inc. with the principles of inclusion, affordability and sustainability. The 70-unit mixed-income, mixed-use property reserves 25% of units for special needs individuals and fully embraces the culture of inclusion.

The development also includes a 10,000-square-foot community center where nonprofit partner Main Street Connect provides a range of programming and events for the building’s residents and other community members. The Soulfull Café, located in the building, provides employment opportunities for members of the special-needs community. Wells Fargo Community Lending and Investment provided $15 million in LIHTC equity for the $30.7 million property.

Beyond the property, the development team conducted a webinar for others interested in similar projects and has built multiple relationships with community organizations.

“Main Street Apartments is a fantastic example of what is possible through creative problem-solving,” said DOD judge Glynn. “The developers identified a solution for a deeply personal situation, the future of their 21-year-old son with developmental disabilities, and in doing so created a home for 70 individuals with special needs to live independently in Rockville, Maryland.”

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