2022 Operating Business QLICI of the Year Award Recipient

Coffee Café Bakery

CDEs: The Rose Urban Green Fund; DV Community Investment

Developer and owner: Coffee Café Bakery, LLC

Location: Atlanta

2022 QLICI Awards - Operating Business - winner

The Operating Business QLICI of the Year Award goes to Rose Urban Green Fund and DV Community Investment for their combined allocation of $14.5 million in new markets tax credits to Coffee Café Bakery in Atlanta. Four minority business owners will combine in a joint venture to renovate and fully equip an existing warehouse into a small central baking facility. The investment will create a new business in an area with a poverty rate of 35% and a high unemployment rate. The bakery’s state-of-the-art equipment will create an estimated 31 million individual baked goods annually to be delivered to areas within a 100-mile radius. The QLICI will allow Coffee Café Bakery to fund the construction and to purchase delivery trucks.

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