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Census Bureau Officials Won't Recommend Adjustment to 2000 Figures for Undercount

Friday, March 2, 2001 - 1:45AM

U.S. Census Bureau officials announced on March 1 that they would not recommend adjusting 2000 census figures to compensate for a possible undercount. A recent survey concluded that the census population count of 281 million had missed 3 million people, including a disproportionate number of minorities. However, officials said that they could not rely on the survey as a basis for adjusting the figures because of possible statistical errors and discrepancies with other official documents. The recommendation will now go before Commerce Secretary Donald Evans, who has said that he opposes the adjustment.

Because the IRS determines the annual low-income housing tax credit and private activity bond caps based on the most recent population estimates, the bureau’s decision to forgo the adjustment would mean the loss of thousands of tax credit dollars for low-income housing. States with large minority populations, such as California, New York and Texas, would be affected most by the outcome. To access more information about the 2000 census, click here.

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