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Sen. Roth Introduces Bill to Increase LIHC

Wednesday, October 4, 2000 - 12:45PM

Sen. William Roth (R-Del.) introduced a community renewal bill Oct. 3 that includes a full and immediate increase to the low-income housing tax credit (LIHC) and private activity bond caps. S. 3152 would raise the LIHC cap from the current $1.25 per capita to $1.75 per capita in 2001, with indexation to inflation starting in 2002. In addition, the bill would create a $2 million state ceiling minimum. The bond cap would rise from the greater of $50 per capita to $150 million per state to $75 or $225 million in 2001, with indexation beginning in 2002. To access S.3152, click here.

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