State LIHTC Legislation - 2019



Oklahoma H.B. 1411, Oklahoma Affordable Housing Act
Enacted April 29, 19


California A.B. 10, Income taxes: credits low-income housing: farmworker housing
From Committee May, 16, 2019

Maine L.D. 1645, an act To Create Affordable Workforce and Senior Housing and Preserve Affordable Rural Housing
Introduced April 30, 2019

Colorado HB 1228 Reengrossed, concerning an increase in the aggregate amount of the tax credits that CHFA may allocate in a calendar year under the Colorado Affordable Housing Tax Credit
Reengrossed April 16, 2019

Nevada S.B. 448, provides for transferable tax credits for affordable housing in the state
Introduced March 25, 2019

Pennsylvania S.B. 30, Providing for Pennsylvania Housing Tax Credit
March 21, 2019

Maine L.D. 1265, an act to establish a Main low-income housing tax credit
Introduced March 14, 2019

Oklahoma S.B. 416, Oklahoma Affordable Housing Act
Introduced February 26, 2019

Kentucky H.B. 488, an act relating to tax credits
Introduced February 21, 2019

California AB 791, Income taxes: credits: low-income housing: qualified opportunity zones
Introduced February 20, 2019

Arizona H.B. 2365, Tax credits; affordable housing
Introduced February 13, 2019

Maryland H.B. 1141, Qualified Maryland Housing Tax Credit
Introduced February 12, 2019

Ohio S.B. 36, to amend sections of the Revised Code to prescribe how federally subsidized residential rental property must be valued for property tax purposes
Introduced February 12, 2019

Oklahoma H.B. 1264, Bill eliminates provision in state LIHTC for project to be in small-population counties; changes credit period to five years
Introduced February 4, 2019

Missouri S.B. 28, Bill to limit state LIHTC to 50 percent of the federal LIHTC allocation annually
Introduced January 9, 2019