25 Ways to Use Novoco.com

Published by Michael Novogradac on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 - 12:00am

Twenty-five years ago, Novogradac launched the website www.novoco.com. At the time, the Internet was vastly different than what it has become today and, similarly, the novoco.com website was just a hint of what it would grow into over the years.

To celebrate the anniversary of the site’s launch, I am proud to share this list of 25 things you can do on www.novoco.com

  1. Meet Novogradac partners and principals
  2. Learn about Novogradac’s professional services
  3. Locate Novogradac’s 28 locations across the country
  4. Join the OZ, LIHTC, NMTC and RETC Working Groups
  5. Register for Novogradac conferences
  6. Expand your library with Novogradac handbooks and booklets
  7. Expand your network and make connections by sponsoring a Novogradac conference or workshop
  8. Sign up for live webinars and on-demand trainings
  9. Get your Novogradac Property Compliance Certification and your Novogradac Community Development Certificate
  10. Delve into timely analysis on the Notes from Novogradac blog
  11. Tap into a centralized hub for industry breaking news
  12. Tune into tax incentive discussions on the weekly Tax Credit Tuesday podcast
  13. Access select articles from the Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits
  14. Discover qualified opportunity funds with the Novogradac Qualified Opportunity Funds Listing
  15. Locate designated qualified opportunity zones with the Novogradac Opportunity  Zones Mapping Tool
  16. Get federal and state low-income housing tax credit application and allocation information
  17. Calculate current and projected rent and income limits for your property
  18. Find LIHTC properties by ZIP code, census tract and more
  19. Track LIHTC equity pricing trends
  20. Browse a directory of LIHTC equity investors and lenders
  21. Reference the Novogradac NMTC Mapping Tool to find low-income community census tracts that meet NMTC program eligibility
  22. Access Section 45 reference rates  
  23. Explore state historic tax credits 
  24. Follow recent HUD multifamily guidance  
  25. Submit a nomination for the annual Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits Awards

These 25 activities are just some of what’s available on www.novoco.com. And as Novogradac continues growing and expanding the ways we support our clients and our communities, the site will continue to evolve as well.