Novogradac’s Most Popular Blog Posts, Articles, Podcasts and Videos in 2015

Published by Michael Novogradac on Thursday, December 31, 2015 - 12:00am

Measurable items are important in the tax credit community–from impact of qualified equity investments (QEI) in new markets tax credit (NMTC) properties to income levels for residents of low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) developments and output of renewable energy investment tax credit (ITC) projects. With that in mind, it seems appropriate to end 2015 by taking a quick look back at the most-viewed items from Novogradac & Company LLP, whether on this blog, our monthly magazine, weekly podcast or YouTube channel.

Ready? Here are the top-five viewed items in each of those areas for 2015:

Blog posts

This is the 49th Notes from Novogradac blog post of 2015 and here are the five most-viewed:

1. “Budget Deal Has Implications for Tax Credit Partnerships,” Oct. 30. This described how the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 contained changes that could be problematic for tax credit community members who use partnerships to invest in various credits.

2. “Extenders Deal Makes Minimum 9 Percent LIHTC Permanent, Extends NMTC Through 2019, Extends PTC Through 2016,” Dec. 16, covered the announcement of the $650 billion extenders bill.

3. “Close Enough? How to Measure ‘Substantially Similar’ under FASB’s New LIHTC Investment Guidance,” Feb. 5, 2014. Yes, a post that was 11 months old when the year started was the third-most viewed post. It dealt with new accounting guidance from the Federal Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and how to handle it.

4. “Senate Appropriations Committee FY 2016 THUD Bill Slashes HOME Funding, Mostly Shores Up Other Housing and Community Development Programs,” July 1. This provided highlights of the 2016 Transportation-HUD (THUD) spending bill that was approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

5. “Comprehensive DDA Changes Require Early Developer Action to Maximize Potential Benefit,” Oct. 26, contained information on the significant changes by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in how it determined difficult development areas (DDAs)–switching to ZIP codes rather than counties inside of metropolitan statistical areas.

Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits articles

The Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits published 199 articles during 2015–plus seven sets of briefs each month–with selected items placed online. While we lack the ability to measure which articles were most read in the print edition, the top-five articles viewed on our website this year includes three that were written before 2015, but cover topics that remain timely:

1. “What the Presidential Candidates Said on Housing,” from November, was written by our Peter Lawrence and covered what was said by candidates at a housing summit in New Hampshire sponsored by the J. Ronald Terwillinger Foundation for Housing America’s Families.

2. “Q&A: Monetizing Depreciation Benefits: Be Careful What You Bargain For!” which appeared in the August 2013 issue, was an article by my partner Tony Grappone with cautionary information for investors in renewable energy tax credit (RETC) developments.

3. “Q&A: Single-Tier vs. Master Lease Structure,” from way back in March 2010, was written by my partner Tom Boccia and covered an issue that is still significant in the historic tax credit (HTC) world.

4. “FHA Increases Oversight of Multifamily Lenders and Underwriters,” from September 2010, covers information that remains a vital topic in the affordable housing world.

5. “How does the CDFI Fund Define ‘Affordable Housing’ for the Purpose of Meeting Section 3.2(k) of the Allocation Agreement?” from October was a timely topic in the NMTC community.

Tax Credit Tuesday podcasts

During 2015, I recorded 49 podcasts–every week except for Labor Day and the final two Tuesdays of the year–and the five-most-listened-to podcasts included plenty of significant issues. We suspect that the December podcasts dealing with the tax extenders and the omnibus appropriations act will likely give them a run for the money, but here are the top five through November:

1. Our Feb. 3 podcast was highlighted by the release of the president’s budget request and the Congressional Budget Office’s estimates for the country’s economic growth for the next 10 years.

2. The Feb. 10 broadcast included a host of federal government news, including the Ways and Means Committee approving several bills to make tax extenders permanent and testimony in the Congressional hearings on the president’s proposed budget.

3. The Feb. 24 podcast included information about the president’s Council of Economic Advisers releasing its annual report.

4. The March 3 podcast featured information on a bill introduced in the House to make the 9 percent LIHTC rate permanent.

5. Our July 7 podcast included an update of the Senate Finance Committee working groups.

NovogradacCPAs YouTube videos

The NovogradacCPAs YouTube channel features 133 videos–including informational and education clips, as well as excerpts from our webinars. The five most-watched videos in 2015 were no surprise:

1. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Overview was, unsurprisingly, the most-watched video of the year by far. It remains the most-watched video on our YouTube channel by a margin of 2-to-1.

2. New Markets Tax Credit Basic Overview was second in 2015, as it is in our channel’s history.

3. LIHTC Available-Unit Rule helps explain something that’s important to LIHTC property managers.

4. Overview of the Immigrant Investor (EB-5) Program in Six Minutes proved to be popular again this year.

5. Earning and Claiming Low-Income Housing Tax Credits is another educational video that proved popular again in 2015.

No one knows what 2016 will bring, except this: We’ll keep bringing you tax credit news, education and information in a variety of formats. Stay tuned.