Preservation Pointers Panel at Novogradac Conference Will Teach Attendees How Structuring and Financing the Preservation of Affordable Housing Differs from New Construction

Published by Nicolo R. Pinoli on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 - 12:00am

For those interested in learning how structuring and financing the preservation of affordable housing differs from new construction, the Preservation Pointers panel at the Novogradac 2022 Tax Credit Housing Finance Conference–held on Dec. 1-2 in Las Vegas–is a must-attend event.

While I will be moderating the discussion, I will be joined by three knowledgeable panelists: Rusty Ginise, president of Alliant Strategic; Audra Hamernik, president and CEO of Nevada HAND; and Mark Sween, partner at Dominium. Each of our panelists brings a bit of a different perspective and approach to preservation. Some engage in traditional resyndication transactions, while others source capital from yield-driven investors for preservation projects, so there will be a lot to learn from these different perspectives.

The preservation of existing affordable housing is a crucial responsibility and opportunity for stakeholders. This panel will teach attendees some of the challenges and opportunities with the preservation of existing affordable housing, including the importance of supportive public policy and accommodative financing. The fundamental fact is that most affordable housing properties suffer from substantial deferred maintenance, which requires copious amounts of tax credits and soft financing to fill the accompanying financing gaps. But if housing agencies are willing to be generous in allocating resources to these developments, then they become a little bit more doable. Spoiler alert–even with a lot of help, it’s not easy!

This conference is full of informative sessions led by industry experts. However, for those interested in learning more about the preservation of affordable housing, I’d recommend also attending the What You Need to Know About Debt panel, as well as the Mastering the PAB-4% LIHTC Transaction panel, since bonds are such a critical aspect of financing the preservation of affordable housing.

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