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Novogradac & Company LLP Website Statistics

  • 201,828 Unique pageviews
  • 36,760 Users
  • 2:26 Average session duration**

The above numbers are from January 2017.
**Average session duration is 41.7% longer than 9,226 other industry websites that draw comparable monthly traffic figures.


Advertising Banner Rate Card (Resource Centers)

A - Sidebar Square724 pixels724 pixels$2,000$20,000
B - Sidebar Rectangle724 pixels1000 pixels$2,000$20,000
C - Content Bottom Region724 pixels150 pixels$1,500$15,000
D - Footer Region970 pixels150 pixels$1,500$15,000

Advertising Banner Rate Card (Other Pages)

A - Sidebar Square724 pixels724 pixels$1,500$15,000
C/D - Content Bottom Region/Footer Region724/970 pixels150 pixels$1,000$10,000


Resource Center Ad Layout

Advertising Prices - Resource Centers