Compliance News Briefs - January 2021

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Oregon Housing and Community Services issued a temporary administrative rule order Nov. 13, 2020, regarding the Wildfire Damage Housing Relief Program. The rule updates the program rules to ensure proper compliance with state statute and agency policy to ensure all eligible applicants receive assistance. Oregonians who need immediate assistance require this temporary filing process to ensure that such assistance can be delivered to meet the crisis. The rule is effective Nov. 13, 2020, through March 23, 2021.


The Colorado Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) announced Nov. 12, 2020, that it will accept electronic signatures on CHFA Form 770, Condo Project Approval Certification and CHFA Form 780 Affordable Housing Restrictions Approval Certification. The electronic signature must be obtained in compliance with all applicable signature requirements including, but not limited to, the E-Sign Act, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, state and federal legal and regulatory requirements, as well as insurer, guarantor, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requirements, as applicable.


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Property Compliance