June 26, 2012

Published by Michael J. Novogradac on June 26, 2012, midnight

Michael J. Novogradac, CPA, updates listeners about the updated Domenici-Rivlin tax plan, the Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act (S. 2237) and the new “Robin Hood Tax.” In historic tax credit news, he discusses the Historic Boardwalk Hall case, a National Park Service Proposal to increase fees for HTC application reviews and proposed changes to the HTC’s in Iowa and New York. In low-income housing tax credit news, Mr. Novogradac informs listeners about a Government Accountability Office report on the Section 1602 tax credit exchange and tax credit assistance programs, a recent report on the country’s rent burdens and California Tax Credit Allocation Committee guidance about sustainable building methods. In new markets tax credit news, he alerts listeners to the 2012 New Markets Tax Credit Handbook and a North Carolina new markets tax credit program. Finally, he wraps up in renewable energy with a production tax credit support letter from Sprint and Microsoft, the Office of the Inspector General of the Treasury’s work with the Section 1603 cash grant program, a House Commerce Committee criticism of the Section 1603 program and a proposed rule from the Federal Housing Finance Agency in regards to properties that receive financing through property assessed clean energy programs.

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