May 14, 2019

Published by Michael Novogradac on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 1:00pm

In this week’s Tax Credit Tuesday Podcast, Michael J. Novogradac, CPA, starts off with House passage of a disaster relief bill that includes $2.2 billion in community development block grant-disaster recovery funding [2:23]. He also has news about an opportunity zones reporting bill [4:07] and legislation to replace current renewable energy tax credits with new technology-neutral credits [5:49]. He also talks about a hot topic that affects housing finance agencies, low-income housing tax credit property owners, and likely, the tenants of those properties [6:56]. He also has brief news from HUD on eligibility for housing assistance and guidance on calculating the over-income limit for public housing. Then, he touches on opportunity zones news related to a Freddie Mac report and to Federal Housing Administration affordable housing incentives. After that, he will have updates from various states relating to state LIHTCs, historic tax credits and linking state incentives with federal opportunity zones [10:04].