Praise for the Live, In-Person Novogradac LIHTC Property Compliance Workshops

"Loved the teacher and the class. It was very informative and everything being discussed was easy to understand. Wayne was magnificent. His training was interesting, informative and easy to follow."
 - Beatrice Nieves, Housing Coordinator

"Wayne was entertaining as well as informative. LIHTC is not the most interesting subject, but Wayne did a great job of keeping the group focused and interested."
 - Conifer Realty LLC

"Material was presented in an understandable 'easy to learn' format, food was excellent and Novogradac people were wonderful, both warm and knowledgeable."
- Darcy Dunaway, Prometheus Real Estate

"The workshop was very informative and interesting. It was not boring at all. Very knowledgeable and entertaining." 
- Kelly Duncan, Triumph Housing Management

"The training was excellent. The instructor made it fun and was very knowledgeable about the information."
- Juvelle Carter, Community Development Improvement Inc.

"Wayne was very knowledgeable about the subject matter; he held my interest and covered the topic very well."
 - Annie Alexander, Christian Church Homes

"Very interactive. Explained everything in detail. Great instructor."
- Amy Altadonna, The Pines at Castle Rock

"The course was excellent! The presentation material is easy to read and understand."
 - Steve Sterquell II, Alden Torch Financial

"On a scale of 1 through 10, I rate the session a 10."
- Melvin Williams, Mt. Pleasant CDC/Monroe, LA

"It was very informative and entertaining."
- Sabrina Miller, Olympia Management

"Very informative and easy to listen to."
- Alecia Gill, Summit Apartment Management

"Presenters were very knowledgeable of what was being trained. Made the class interesting."
- Tanya Weeks-Gibson, Reliant Realty Services LLC

"The instructors were very knowledgeable and kept the class moving."
- Sharlene Wilde, NeighborWorks Provo

"The class was loaded with information but the instructor was very knowledgable, professional and FUNNY!"
- Attendee from The Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia