Praise for the Novogradac From Allocation to Form 8609: Understanding Post-Award Requirements Webinar

"Covered a lot of material in a short time, but still offered good explanations. Having the State Agencies and Equity Investors represented also helped."
-John Vance, Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp.

"Very succinct and hit on all key milestones and LIHTC submissions."
-Sarah Pizzo, Arlington County Housing Division

“Good subject and very timely. All instructors were very good and obviously knowledgeable in their respective areas.”
- Darlene Wilson, White River Regional Housing Development Corporation

“Great information, examples and suggestions.”
- Susan Bailey, Oregon Housing and Community Services

“All presenters articulated well and provided unique perspective relevant to different viewpoints.  I appreciated times when different presenters corrected their colleagues based on individual experiences.  This added a practicality factor that gave a sense of real time up to date education.  Awesome Job” 
Paul Buck, U.S. Bank CDC

“Good use of time and ability to address high points of a complex topic.”
E Bolds, Innovative Housing Opportunities Inc.

“I liked the training and the various perspectives.”
Kristen Risch, Enterprise Community Asset Management

“Professional and competent presenters with ability to convey technical, often complicated and nuanced, detail and information with a focus on understanding the basis and reasoning for certain planning, response and implementation.“
- Carlos Jimenez, Peoples' Self Help Housing