Praise for the Novogradac Developer-Syndicator Relationship Webinar

"Fine job by everyone. Fit the bill perfectly. All of [the panelists] are respected in the industry and familiar with the way deals really work."
- Dean Greenwalt, USDA

"The three different perspectives made it more meaningful."
- Natalie Kujawa, Paul Ash Management Company LLC

“Each of the instructors is extremely knowledgeable about the tax credit industry and was able to provide answers in a manner that we were able to understand and each was able to explain topics that are important to us.”
- Linda Hamilton, FHRC Management Corporation and Connolly and Partners LLC

“Great host and extremely knowledgeable panelists.”
- Diana Wellman, Investment Property Advisors

"Thought panel was great!!  Very knowledgeable."
- Matt Beston, Michel Associates

"The slides were clarifying and comments from presenters were useful. Discussions added good information to the slide presentation. The information was translatable regardless of location."
- Bobbi Sawtelle, NVCSS

“I am a visual learner.  I really appreciate the diagrams and pictures!  You clarified a lot of things for me.”
- Melvlyn Brown - Fort Worth Housing Solutions

"Solid presentation! This webinar is worth listening to over and over again."
- James, Mission First Housing Group

"I appreciate the comments of the presenters and especially being able to see the visual charts. Each presenter was more than adequately knowledgeable in the field. Their expertise and ability to answer questions exhibits their extensive knowledge-wish they were on my team!"  
- Monarch Properties

"A much needed webinar for someone just starting out in the LIHTC industry."
- Vanessa De La Rosa, DLR Planning

"The panel was extremely knowledgeable and articulate."
- Attendee from Neighborhood Housing Solutions

"Very well thought out and easy to follow."
- John Langston, Brockmann Law Firm PC

"Straightforward explanations to some complex topics using examples of actual scenarios."
- Stacy McKenna, Housing America Foundation

"Very good information for negotiating with the syndicator."
- Anjela Ponce, Integrity Housing

"Good pace, good slides, good panel."
- Orlando, The Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara

"Very informative hearing the perspective of different relationships to a deal."
- Kyle Orf, Gill Group

“Excellent focus on the basics and fundamentals, while speaking to more technical issues -- I appreciate the change to stretch my understanding.”
- Michael Carlson, Impact Seven

“Tough topic to gain depth on with the amount of ground that had to be covered, but the guests brought good, practical insight.”
- Chris Jillings, Cinnaire

“Complex concepts were broken down and presented in a simplified manner making it easy to understand.  All four speakers were very knowledgeable and did a fine job.”
- Jeff Cresto, Churchill Stateside Group

“Easy to follow and concise.”
- Kara Dischinger, LDG Development

"It did a good job of explaining the motivations of each of the players in the deal."
- Anthony Wright

"Very informative and understandable."
- Jeremy Ratliff, Kentucky Housing Corporation

"Outstanding expertise and skill communicating same."
- Mark C. Bunch, CCIM; Bunch Development Services

“Engaging - not over complicated.”
- Ricky Figueroa - CCI

"Covered all the bases. Simple, easy-to-follow graphics and knowledgeable panel."
- David B. Miller, CAHEC

"Great presenters with a wealth of varied experience!"
- Tasha Weaver - CHFA

"I thought it was very helpful and at a level I could understand."
- Susan Minor, Franklin Housing Authority

"I liked having the instructor/two-panelist discussion. Very good to see/hear multiple perspectives during one training. I'm a beginner, so I wanted to broaden my perspective and gain insight into some nuances of the industry. The training was exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for a great presentation!"
- Benjamin Farnsworth, Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corporation in Logan, Utah

"This 101 level gives me a good overview and is understandable for a novice."
- Don E. Gordon, Villaorba Group

"Very good introduction to the topic."
- Robert Wong, Sr VP,  Stratford Capital Group