Praise for the Novogradac Initial Lease Up and Maximizing First-Year Credits Webinar

"Novogradac's webinars are the best learning tools in the LIHTC industry."
- Samantha Hennessey, CIS Inc.

"Presenters were knowledgeable, clear, stayed on point, and simplified the information without sacrificing detail."
- Westbrook Housing Authority

"The content was relevant and the instructors were both well spoken and lighthearted. The training was not a typical boring webinar."
- Corrinne Curtis, Beacon Communities

"Moved a just the right speed, the explanations were good and the handout was well done."
- Lisa Onken, Southwest MN Housing Partnership

"The presenters did a great job making what is pretty dry material engaging! Great job."
- Dean Walston, KeyBank

"I always enjoy Wayne's trainings."
- Morrya Jones, AHC Management

"Covered a lot of information that is crucial to know when leasing up a property. Provided information that will maximize first year credits."
- Chandra Gallop

"Novogradac's webinars are always filled with useful information." 
- Suzanne Schwertner, Austin Affordable Housing Corporation

"Wayne Michael always does an exceptional job of explaining the material in a clear manner."
-Vicky Ohrtman, Hubbell Realty

"The presenter was easy to follow.  Animated slides helped drive the points home.  I really liked the format."
-Theresa Easbey

"Full of valuable and in-depth information. Blend of visuals and IRC quotes extremely useful."
- Marney McCleary, Rural Community Assistance Corporation

"The narrative and graphics made it easy to follow and absorb the material presented."
- Duffy Ruffin, Visionary Home Builders of California

"Excellent information was provided and the presentation was extremely informative."
- Annette DeRosia, KMG Prestige

"Expanded on some areas that I am just getting started into that were very informational and extremely helpful."
- Kathy Watz, Woda Management & Real Estate

"Very useful information presented in an easily understood format. Wayne is knowledgeable and is a good instructor. I enjoy the bits of humor he adds to the webinars; it keeps the subject matter from being too onerous!"
- Kim C. Datwyler, Neighborhood Housing Solutions 

"The moderators were very knowledgeable. The training materials were easy to follow and made the process informative."
- Robert Morgan, Oakland Housing Authority

"I will definitely be signing up for more of these webinars."
- Linda Burgess, Royal Property Management Group Inc.

"Very engaging with clear and concise information regarding new provisions.”
- Stacy McKenna, Housing America Foundation

"Talk, text and visuals clarify difficult concepts."
- Pat Warner, Shires Housing

"The webinar was organized, time-sensitive,  and clear."
- Jake Williams, Neighborhood Housing Solutions

"The webinar moved at a good pace and had many examples to explain things. Wayne is a great instructor who is receptive to live and email questions."
- Ash Hussain, New Hope Housing, Inc.

"Great content and effective presentation style."
- Greg Gibson, Senior Director of Finance at Capitol Hill Housing

“Detailed presentation and clear concise answers to questions; great slides! Good energy, kept it moving, kept it interesting.”
- Karen Edlund, Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly

"Wayne is always very clear and concise with the information he is presenting. He is an amazing instructor."
- Manuela Cruz, Isa Villas

"It was very refreshing and informative in regards to new rules and regulations implemented in the past couple of years."
- Priscilla Miranda, Senior Accountant Hunt Companies, El Paso, TX

"I enjoyed the practical application side of the training with real examples of how the knowledge would be implemented. Humor was just right!"
- Marshall Suplee, Riverside Capital

"Very informative.  Answered questions in a timely manner. Very detailed."
- Judy Goodell, Waterville Housing Authority

"Very good explaining."
- Stacey Weston, Kappa Management, Inc.

"Good examples, good pace in that it didn't move too fast or too slow."
- Lisa Dayton, Nevada Rural Housing Authority

"Very detailed. Good visual aids."
- Lori Iacona, Millennia Housing Management Ltd.

"Very informative for such a short period of time. Thank you!"
- Terri Miles, Superior Housing Authority

"Clear and concise."
- Arthur T. Anderson, Imagineers LLC

"Lots of good information."
- Gordon Jack, Frost Cummings Tidwell Group

"Instructor fully understands the subject."
- Don Robison, CPA; Apple Growth Partners