Praise for the Novogradac LIHTC 101: The Basics Webinar

"Loved the visuals. Makes it much easier to understand the complex topic."
- Kim Seibold, Housing Kitsap

“This is the best tax credit webinar I have experienced.  The best part for me as part of the audience is I could tell you both are interested and passionate about LIHTC and very knowledgeable.”
- Renee Trinkaus, JLL

“I am new to the affordable housing development industry. The presentation was easy to follow and engaging. The slides and polling questions were a great bonus to learning the material for the first time.”
- Tawana Aguilar, Kingdom Development Inc.

"Wonderful explanations for a very complicated topic!"
- Melanie King, The Fortus Group

"This was very, very informative and clear. The presenter is one of the best. He set a very good tone for this type of material and kept it lighthearted."
- Eddie Naming'ona, Manna Inc.

“For an accounting topic, the presenters did a good job of keeping the presentation interesting, lively and easy to understand for someone without an accounting/finance background.”
- Sarah Agnew-Miller, Stanford Carr Development, LLC

“You guys answered questions very well. I felt as though I learned a lot. I am just starting in this field, and I am excited to have this knowledge.”
- Taylor Seibert, Artcraft Development

"The instructors were very knowledgeable on the topics presented today. There were adequate breaks for the session and the information/slides provided were useful. I enjoyed their teaching methods. It wasn't super stuffy, but not super relaxed either. They were able to provide valuable information in a 'normal' manner."
- Morgan Mays, Lindsey Software

"I'm new to LIHTC and this provided a great foundation in terms and examples that were easy to understand."
- Miranda Fickert, Sterling Bank

“Content was an appropriate level for me, well-explained, ample Q&A time and with humorous interjections to keep things light. Perfect!”
- Bob Eisenberg, Wesley Housing

“I have been Assistant Property Manager for 2 1/2 years and now on the compliance side. I never really understood the beginning of the tax credit world until now."
- Staci Anderson, Highland Property Management

“Great info at a pace for beginners.”
- Brian Hansen, Bonneville Multifamily Capital

"The instructors were clear, concise, personable and easy to listen to."
- Nicki Remley, Flatiron Partners

"I appreciated today's webinar. I now have a much better understanding of how partnerships work between those using LIHTC to build or preserve affordable housing. I also have clarity on how the financing works and terminology. This is helpful to me as a marketer and communications professional."
- Megan Herrera, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority

“Great information that explained a lot of the buzz words I have heard and the processes I wasn't clear on.”
- Terri Wheeler, City of Palmdale

“Visual examples made the presentation easy to follow.”
- Cameron Gregson, CREA, LLC

"Very informative, easy to follow and digest, great presenters, and perfect for a flow of material with breaks."
- Darron Cooper, AHC Greater Baltimore

"Great basic seminar; pictures worth a thousand words; the interactivity was good."
- Te-Mika Warner, Fannie Mae

"Instructors patiently explained a relatively complicated topic in a clear and simple manner. Much appreciation for the materials. It was easy to take notes while following along. The test questions helped reinforce the acquisition of the information, leading to greater understanding of the topic."
- Marcia Choo, Wells Fargo

“I knew there would be lots of info, but thank you for explaining it in a clear way. LIHTC is dry stuff.”
Stephan Petryczka, Bellwether Housing

"The presenters were organized, timely, and clear. The presentation moved from point to point and was very insightful."
- Attendee from Neighborhood Housing Solutions

"Learned a lot. Very clear. Instructors were knowledgeable and held my attention."
- Grant Lady Foundation, Inc.

"The instructors explained items in a realistic way. Both were informative and descriptive."
- Doug Jensen, Collegiate Commons 

“Both Wayne and Alex did a great job explaining this very complex information in a clear, concise way.  The graphics were great, and very helpful.  Appreciate both of their contributions to this class; it helped me connect the dots.  Now I have a pretty outline of a picture rather than a heap of dots and numbers.  Looking forward to other classes so I can fill in the details.”
- Jennifer Tiscia, First Tennessee Housing Corporation

“I was quite comfortable that the instructors knew the subject well and could answer any question I could pose.”
- Terri Wheeler, City of Palmdale

"I learned new things and presenters gave meaningful answers."
- Daniel Lucas, BBVA Compass

“I thought you did a great job explaining and depicting the information. I also like the fact there was more than one presenter...I thought this helped to "break things up a bit."
- Ryan Baker, Montana Housing

"Very thoughtful discussions about the areas covered."
- Chris Westlake, Lance-Kashian & Company

"Excellent presentation and flow!"
- Melissa E. Wilson, Business Office Manager at Knollwood Retirement Community

"I'm new to affordable housing and your webinar really helps me to understand the whole process of applying for tax credits."
- Ngan Mai, Satellite Affordable Housing Associates 

“Great job on walking us through the basics and answering user questions."
- Darlene Metz, Commonwealth Development

"My prior tax credit experience was minimal. LEARNED A LOT and am looking forward to going back to review several areas of the webinar again, and possibly again still. Printing out the hand-outs was hugely helpful in following the instructors  --  I had the opportunity to go back a slide or two to help clarify subsequent slides."
- David Prince, PEP Housing, Petaluma CA

"Easy to understand and instructors are really engaging!"
- Yvette Nieto, San Benito Housing Authority

“Informative and interactive. I appreciate the presentation not feeling like it was read from a script word by word."
- Dan Johnson, InSite Capital

"It was a really interesting webinar and you both made it flow well."
- Tasha Intriere, Woda Cooper Companies

"I learned a lot about the basics of LIHTC and the time went by fast."
- Lisa Beaumont, RBC TCEG

"Very detailed and entertaining."
- Crystal Howlett, Three Corners Development Inc

"Better than many tax webinars I took during the 2017 season!”
Michelle Regier, Astar Capital Management

"Both were knowledgeable and delivered a clear presentation about complex topics."
- Daniel Lucas, BBVA Compass

"Informative, thorough, easy to follow."
- Ben Linde, Property Resources Corp.

"The presenter was well composed, thorough and provided copious helpful examples within a very linear and easy-to-understand presentation of a relatively complex set of policies."
- Ben Greene, Mercy Housing

"Clear presentation, super responsive and informative. Both Wayne and Rita were very knowledgeable regarding the subject and helpful as well."
- Edmon Rakipi -  Opp Zone Capital

"I have over a year of experience and it was helpful to me to fill in the gaps of my understanding."
- Paul, Indianapolis Housing Agency

"Material covered was as expected yet presentation exceeded expectations."
- Mike Koval, NeighborWorks Home Solutions

"I like that the webinar recordings were accessible after the webinar and that the PDF of the webinar was also available to be printed and taken notes on."
- Olga, MDI

“Very thorough explanation of LIHTC topics.”
- Ken Cunningham - RBC Capital Markets TCEG Group

"Very informative, educational and unquestionable as it relates to the integrity of Novogradac."
- The Office of Charles Hightower

"This was very informative and cleared up a number of questions I had in regard to allocations and the basis for how the credits are calculated."
- Matt Steele, American Property Management

"Great presenter, easy to listen to and understand. Format of presentation was great and thought it kept you very engaged."
- Brian Sample, Mercy Loan Fund

"Great training, it was very well taught and clear! Enjoyed Wayne's anecdotes that helped to reinforce the point and how clearly he went through the examples!"
- Madeleine Singer, CSG Advisors

"Information presented in a clear and helpful way. I appreciated the balance of focus and positive energy that both instructors helped to create."
- Trevor Levin, CAMBA Housing Ventures 

“The learning objectives were met for our new analysts, a very detailed general overview as provided.”
- Renee Trinkaus, JLL

"Easy to follow, very interactive, great graphics."
- Alyssa Gentry - Woda Cooper Companies

“Tom and Wayne were both very friendly and did well at clarifying the material that was presented.” 
- Justin Bruno, Tax Credit Analyst for Great Southern Bank

“I thought it was easy to understand and follow. It was a great refresher.”
- Kim DeMarcus, Easbey Consulting, LLC

"Overall a solid presentation that is informative for those with a background in LIHTC as well as those without."
- Christopher Polek, Connecticut Housing Finance Authority

"Clearly articulated and easy to follow. I am new to LIHTC and now have a much better understanding."
- Victoria Winters, Caravelle Realty Group

"A good amount of information with eloquent presentation."
- Ida Hawkins, Miller-Valentine Group

"Tom and Wayne presented the information in a very knowledgeable and professional manner."
- Syleste Johnson, Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency

"Thought it was very helpful for someone looking to enter the market."
- Donald Matheson, Almat Group

"Wonderful material with lots of information. The presenters are very knowledgeable on the topic."
- Akeem Adeniji, US Bank

"Clear presentation and explanation."
- Jon Gratton, Bastogne Development Partners

"The presentation was very linear, which was helpful to me as it matched my learning style. The slides were excellently illustrated and make a great resource to quickly reference as a reminder of the basics."
- Oregon Housing & Community Services

"Although lots of material covered, it was done well."
- David Hepburn, UMOM New Day Centers Inc.

"Did a good job of bringing someone with very little knowledge a working vocabulary and understanding of the concepts."
- Brandi Henning

"A lot of detail and you can tell that the presenter was passionate and knowledgeable regarding the industry."
- Gabby, Raymond James

"Helped me brush up on the basics."
- John Spalding, C&D Asset Management

“Explained in great detail and PowerPoint was excellent.”
- Rural Housing Management Services Inc.

"I thought the material was well organized, the instructors were knowledgeable and had great presentation skills."
- Johnathon Jensen, WSRP, LLC

"The instructors explained the theories well and added in helpful questions to apply the theories."
- Jon Thompson, Preservation of Affordable Housing

"I'm new to this business and the seminar gave me a very good introduction."
- Kimberly Bridgham, The Wishcamper Companies

“Wayne and Tom are very entertaining and informative.”
- Alandra Potts, Tri-Star Management

"Presented a lot of information clearly. Stellar!"
- Attendee from the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation

"Very informative and engaging."
- John Lerdahl, Gorman & Company