Praise for the Novogradac LIHTC Acq/Rehab Webinar

"Superb mix of theory, policy and practicality to explain the often overwhelmingly obtuse world of acq/rehab."
- Bob Coyne, Peck, Shaffer & Williams LLP, Denver, Colorado

"This is the best Novogradac webinar I've attended. Lucid explanations, excellent examples and comprehensive list of topics. Thanks!"  
- Ron Law, SE Clark and Associates Inc.

"Solid overview of a complex subject. Thomas and Wayne are outright leaders in the LIHTC field."  
- Mission First Housing Group

"Handouts were excellent as was the explanation by presenters."
- Steven R Cordova, Tri-County Housing & CDC

"Very informative on a lot of topics; easy to follow if you're not very experienced."
- Sarah Forssander, Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP

"Instructors were patient, easy to listen too, and explained complicated issues very well."
- Joan Maxwell - Palladium USA/Palladium Management Company

"Extremely informative with solid examples to illustrate. Both speakers did a good job of making sure the information provided was informative, as well as absorbable. It expanded my understanding of acq/rehab projects. This gave me a profoundly better understanding about when a unit is considered eligible."
- Justin Meyer, Arx Advantage

"Enjoyed the relevance of the materials covered and the interactive questions to ensure the materials were being grasped."
- Stephanie Rinkenberg, Pinellas County Housing Authority

"I was not bored. This type of material can be difficult to train and listen to but both presenters did a great job!"
- Anna Fairchild, ComCap Management

"I am starting my second week in the low-income housing space and found this very helpful."
-  David Martin, Madison Park Development Corporation

"Made everything very clear."
- Lisa P. Days, Asset Manager, National Equity Fund

"The information was presented in a clear, organized and entertaining way."
- Matt, Property Solutions & Services

“Great visuals for explanation, made it very interactive. Thanks for the preparation and clarity.”
- Galen Roquet, Investment Property Advisors

"We are planning two rehabs and this webinar answered a lot of my questions. I will be listening to this webinar again and again!"
- Pat Warner, Shires Housing

"I thought the topics were explained and discussed very well and I understood what was being taught. I thought both of them did an excellent job conveying their material."
- Andria Bell, America First Real Estate Group

"Hit precisely the points I wanted to learn. Examples used were relevant to specific situations I expect to encounter."
- Stephen Turgeon, Ambassador Management LLC

"Very clear explanations and visuals."
- Beverly Schuberth, SCS Jamboree Housing

“It is apparent that Thomas Stagg is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and his delivery of the information was clear and concise.” 
- Samantha Hennessey, Community Investment Strategies

"Both were very knowledgeable and able to present the info well. The webinar was very useful. Great to get a clear presentation for information that some may have picked up over time and especially for people new to the rules. - Anne Wilson, SVP Community HousingWorks

"I enjoyed the information and it was applicable to my situation today."
- Alvin Johnson, Hope Housing Foundation

"Difficult information to explain, but presented very clearly and easy to follow with the slide examples and animations!"
- Erin O'Neill, National Development Council

“Great visuals for explanation, made it very interactive. Thanks for the preparation and clarity.”
- Galen Roquet, Investment Property Advisors

"Webinar was very helpful–visual graphics really hit the points home. Will definitely recommend to others."
- Theresa Reed, Vice President, Community Investment Strategies Inc.

"This topic is difficult enough to learn and I think the presenters did a very good job in explaining the concept."
- Akeley Irwin, National Development Council

"Very engaging and informative. Slides were very helpful in understanding the timing issues involved."
- Stacy McKenna, Housing America Foundation

"Presenters were clear with examples and did a good job with the information."
- Tony R. Jones, Community Management Corporation

"Very informative! Thank you for answering side questions."
- Julie Griffin, D & K Management Inc.

"Webinar was thorough and easy to follow along, great slides, examples and explanations."
- Kimberly Davis , JP Morgan

“Presenters knew their information and explained it well.”
- Lela Gruebel, LRG Consulting and Development Inc.

Very knowledgeable presenters and good explanations.”
- Barbara King, Fort Collins Housing Authority

“The guys know what they're doing.”
- Matt Reynell, Wegner CPA's

“These webinars are great tools and provide examples that I can use in the future when these situations arise. [The instructors are] very knowledgeable and make it very easy for beginners to learn.”
- Aneela DeWinter, Forman, Richter & Rubin

“I have taken many classes…and already knew quite a bit in this area.  Now that I am director of compliance, this knowledge is essential to me. This class filled in holes I had in my knowledge base.”
- Morrya Jones, Humphrey Management

"Although it was 3 hours long it seemed shorter. The panelists kept us interested in what was being presented with the very informative slides and examples. Instructors had a good rapport with each other and made it easy to understand and follow them."
- Alicia Gomez, Burbank Housing Development Corporation

"Wow! I was impressed. Far more substantive than even I expected. VERY good information, and in fact, over my head. I need much more basic info to catch up."
- Steven Dust, Waterfront Corporate Services LLC

“Very relevant material, explained very well.”
- Brett Daly, St. Anton Capital

"Presenters were very knowledgeable on the topic and they both did a good job explaining the details of each slide. They were both very personable and they both kept my attention for the full 3+ hours.  It was nice to see a little humor from the both of them.  There was no question about their knowledge of acq/rehab rules and regulations."
- Judy Varrill, U.S. Housing Consultants

"Presenters did a great job of explaining the various steps in this complicated process."
- Y. Murray, H. J. Russell & Company

"[The presenters] made the class fun which is always super important when taking webinars."
- Attendee from Boulder Housing Partners

"Great slides and info!"
- Claudia Mejia, Buckingham Property Management

"Very informative and entertaining."
- Jennifer Hamrick, Compliance Manager - Biggs Group

"Very informative. Enjoyed the speakers."
- Melissa Baughman, VGM Property Management