Praise for the Novogradac NMTC 101: The Basics Webinar

"Very well organized and clear, easy to understand."
- Steve Mairella, McManimon, Scotland & Baumann LLC, Roseland, N.J.

"Very complex topic; explained in 'real' words. Very interactive in answering relevant questions."
- Stacy McKenna, Housing America Foundation

"Very beneficial to understand the basic structure and overview of the program. Both instructors were very experienced and knowledgeable in NMTC."
- Doug Harris, American Express

"Great introduction to a complex program!"
- GMD Development

“I love the multiple ways of teaching. It was great to have the oral presentation, visuals, questions throughout (checking for understanding), and the contact examples and ways of going back to the overall premise of the NMTC structure.”
-Rita Williams, Kroger

"Complicated topic that you explained very well. Great visuals. Loved how we could type in questions during the session and get answers right away!"
- Marcia Norrgard, Human Solutions

“Rebecca and Brad definitely went in depth of the NMTC Program and were able to cover everything in the outline. Plus I like that we get to interact through the polls!”
-Mia Oamil, Capital Impact Partners

“Active Images/visuals were very helpful in understanding a seemingly complicated topic for those seeking an introduction to NMTC.”
-Kevin Trottier, LifeSTEPS

“Very knowledgeable speakers that were able to explain topics clearly at a 101 level.”
-Patti McKenzie, CPA, Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West

“Very thorough and informative! I am currently working through a NMTC structure for one of my clients and was able to follow along with the examples provided.”
-Dan Kern, McKonly & Asbury CPAs

"Wayne and Brad do a great job of explaining technical information in an easy-to-understand way."
- Julie Marple, Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp.

"Great overview and clarification on outstanding agreements I have seen in place through my experience."
- Ryan Luckenbaugh, Stambaugh Ness

"The charts showing the money flows were great."
- Howard Akin, Sierra Partners, LP

"Very informative."
- Frank Covelli - BMO Harris Bank

"I am new to the NMTC world and this was a great overview. It can be hard to bridge the gap between too basic and too detailed and this webinar did so wonderfully."
- Troy McClelland, Enterprise Bank

“It went at a good pace for me. I'm in-between a novice and intermediate level, so this introductory webinar covered a great deal of ground in two hours! It gave me more insight into the understanding of structure and qualifying.”
- Kim Cameron, Self-Help Ventures Fund

“This is one of the best webinars I've listened to, which is saying a lot especially given the dry subject matter.”
- Jennifer Smith, EB5 Global

“Easy to understand, good pace, with presenters who knew their stuff and knew how to present.”
- Bob Klostermeier, Current River

“I think it was a lot of information to digest. However, it was well presented. I look forward to possibly attending the 6-hour event.”
- Ernest Harrison, First NBC Bank

“I believe that the information was well explained and documented for future use, if questions are to arise.”
- Thomas Husband, Phoenix Community Development and Investment Corporation (PCDIC)

"Detailed, but it was also easy to follow."
- Bill Hamilton, Iowa Business Growth

"It was very in depth but still kept it at a level that anyone can understand."
-Art Florez, Advantage Capital Partners

"Very thorough in their explanations."
-Cole Amy, PNC Real Estate

"Very informative on such an exciting program."
-Stephanie Burr, Wiggin Properties

"I felt like this was a very clear presentation of the basics which is exactly what I was looking for."
-Toby Lieberman, Northern California Community Loan Fund

"Made a complicated topic relatively clear."
-Kathy Rock, Low Income Investment Fund

"The webinar was very informative and I was able to understand the mechanics of NMTC."
-Manuela Cruz, Guam Facilities Foundation Inc.