Praise for the Novogradac NMTC Exit Strategies Webinar

"Great job taking a difficult, scary subject and breaking it down."
- Heather Stanley, Spinnaker St. Louis

“The webinar was informative, with easy-to-follow examples and an entertaining speaker!”
- Amir Ali, Low Income Investment Fund

“Very easy to understand explanations on a complex topic.”
- Andrew Ackermann, Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP

“I loved the presentation and enthusiasm around the subject matter. Builds a strong argument for needing accountants to unwind NMTC transactions. Thanks!”
-Yolanda Law, Wells Fargo

“Very good visuals.  Nicolo is excellent - very knowledgeable and clear presenter.  Well organized agenda for presentation.  Given at right level for expertise of audience.”
-John Erich, Reinhart Boerner VanDeuren s.c

“Great energy from the presenter and Powerpoint presentation is entertaining and well thought out.”
-Janell Duffin, CDFA

"The presentation is very clear and the presenter is enthusiastic and is easy to follow."
- Jing You, AAFCPAs

“As always, Nicolo Pinoli delivered!  This webinar was informative, funny and held my attention.”
- Eva Laurence, AT&T Services

“The diagrams were clear and concise.  They aided the simplification of a very complex program.   I also liked questions were answered during the presentation instead of at the end.”
- Karenthia Hill, Texas Mezzanine Fund, Inc.

“Nicolo is a phenomenal teacher, making complicated concepts understandable. Also, I appreciate his sense of humor. Most fun webinar ever.”
- Naomi Baruch, VP New Markets MassDevelopment

“Very engaging presenter; knowledgeable; presented the material clearly, but with humor. Kept me engaged for the entire two hours.”
- Sandy Maben, Mercy Loan Fund

“Nicolo is very informative, fun and passionate during the webinar.  He simplifies complex concepts and holds your interest. The use of pictures and analogies helps me to remember key ideas.”
- Theresa Irizarry, The Reinvestment Fund Inc.

"Novogradac is an excellent source for NMTC information and this webinar is very helpful in understanding the exit strategies."
- Norl Russell-Unterburger, vice president finance, YWCA Greater Los Angeles

“I take this webinar every year, and it is always a good refresher.” 
- Sandy Maben, Mercy Loan Fund

"Nicolo was an excellent instructor. He interjects solid real-world experience with humor and clearly understands and can effectively teach complex NMTC subjects."
- David Wilkinson, Northern California Community Loan Fund

"Very informative and the speaker made the topic interesting and actually enjoyable."
- Michelle Shelby, Waterfront Rescue Mission

“Nicolo was very well spoken and enjoyable to listen to.”  
- Andrew Ackermann, Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP

"We like Nicolo!"
- Bergman and Allderdice

"Good summary of potential issues to be mindful of as well as advice on how to be prepared for an unwind."
-Michelle LeClair, Mascoma Community Development and Mascoma Savings Bank

"Great delivery of complex information, kept my attention."
- Paul Huleatt, Phoenix Community Development Investment Corp.

"High level, but informative."
- Judy Moose, United Utilities Inc.

“Nicolo is always great!  His demeanor (and his jokes) keeps it as interesting as possible.”
- Cheryl Denney, McAfee & Taft

"The information was extensive. Analogies and metaphors were helpful and understandable."
- Fuyuan Chang

"Good summary info with clear guidance given to understand complex issues."
- Monica Blanton, River Gorge Capital

"Good information for a complex topic."
- Mike Leick, Marathon Ventures, Inc.