Praise for the Novogradac Principles of LIHTC Eligible Basis Webinar

"The presenters were very knowledgeable and the program was organized and well presented. I was able to pose questions to the panel and I consider the help they provided to be a bonus to what I had hoped to gain from the conference. Money well spent!!"
- Michael M. Konicek, KMA Bodilly CPAs

"Excellent visual presentations, in-depth explanations, humorous and engaging."
- Brian Sample, Mercy Loan Fund

"Complex topics made understandable for non-CPAs! Really helped me to better understand decisions made in previous projects/transactions and will help me contribute more when planning future projects."
- Tracey Taylor, Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara

"Pace and amount of information presented was easy to follow. Nice mix of humor and staying on topic and time."
- Jeff Cresto, The Michaels Organization

"The team provided details of the eligible basis calculations so that I am better prepared for future new developments. I am trying to integrate operations and accounting so that we can maximize our deals."
- Lisa Barfield Phillips, General Manager of M&T Property Management

"I found the presentation to be extremely clear and handouts easy to follow. I thought each instructor was thorough in explaining their specialty."
- Diane Leeming, JCHE

"Awesome training."
- David Lemler

"Excellent presenters.  Slides were well-constructed and described the concepts being presented. Wayne Michael is always an outstanding presenter."

"Good information and entertaining presentation."
- Nicole Prorock, Interfaith Housing Alliance, Inc.

"These webinars are always organized, concise and informative. Thank You."
- Jake Williams, Neighborhood Housing Solutions

"I'm fairly new to LIHTC, and this training provided solid, relevant information both for newcomers like me, and more advanced practitioners. The instructors had good rapport and were in command of their subject."
- Michael Carlson, Impact Seven, Inc.

"Well explained for a non-accounting mind."
- Kelly Coons, Yakama Nation Housing Authority

"I enjoy the visuals, helps me to understand the topic better."
- Christine Caren, Ginosko Development Company

"Learned a lot. Each instructor was very knowledgeable and presented clear and concise information."
- Monica Johnson, The Great Lakes Companies

"Excellent presentation skills and the depth of knowledge of subject matter that the industry expects from Novogradac."
- Sherri Scheetz, Du & Associates

"Very thorough with practical application."
- Rich Larsen, Fallon & Larsen LLP

"Great to hear advice on how to handle the grey area costs. Very informative."
- Richard Tull, CPA, Lank, Johnson & Tull CPAs

"Content was out of my area of experience, so I enjoyed learning more about the topics."
- Darcey Borzileri

“One of the better webinars that I have attended in quite a while.”
- Rebecca Murphy, Boggeln & Company

“Very thorough and the animations in the slides were very appropriate and entertaining. All of the presenters were knowledgeable and were able to include current IRS rulings and regulations that could affect basis calculations.”
- Darlene Smith, Miller Valentine Group

“Visually interesting and a good overview of LIHTC. Q&A throughout webinar provided supplementary information.”
- Jung-eun Nowik, Flaherty Salmin LLP

“The information was well organized and well presented.”
- Lauren Campbell, Holland & Knight LLP

"The visual presentation of the information was very helpful in further increasing my understanding of the topics. The presenters were very easy to follow and were clear in their description of each topic."
- Sam Feda, Charter Oak Communities

"Outstanding presentation with a great Q&A session at the end."
- Alvin Wall, Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer PC

"I thought the graphics were well done, the examples were realistic and straightforward and the questions helped keep folks engaged."
- Charles Lotzar

"Wayne and Jim did a great job in providing a balance between explaining concepts and giving easy-to-understand tangible examples."
- Raymond Gray, Tennessee Housing Development Agency

"They do a great job simplifying the information they are presenting."
- Jon Schwartz, CFO, Community Housing Works

"I appreciated the specific questions being answered. There was an abundance of information given and the visuals really help to make the processes clear."
- Angela, OHCS

"Good refresher on many topics and learned some new things."
- Mary Bradshaw - Northwest Housing Alternatives

"Concepts were explained clearly."
- Yuan Rang, Seattle Housing Authority

“The webinar was very helpful.”
- Stephen Oby, Baker Tilly

"Clear and concise delivery/pace."
- Brian Yang, Standard Companies

"Visuals were great. Knowledgeable speakers. Three hours is the perfect seminar."
- Attendee from The Michaels Organization