Praise for the Novogradac Financing LIHTC Properties Using Private Activity Bonds Webinar

"Excellent presentation. Very concise and to the point. You could tell that they were all very knowledgeable in their field.  I appreciated that they could explain difficult and cumbersome concepts so very clearly."
- Brett Daly, St. Anton Capital

“Inclusion of expert panelists from the field and inclusion during course of discussion/presentation. Slides are creative and help simplify/present complex issues.”
- Jerome Burns, Housing Development Solutions

"The webinar was the best and easiest to understand explanation of 4% tax credits and PABs that I've ever experienced."
- Amy Connolly, City of Fort Worth, TX

"Everyone was well informed on the topic and helpful. Great webinar and a great panel. Beyond informative."
- Edmon Rakipi, Opp Zone Capital

“Instruction was basic and very easy to understandthanks!”
- Delene Osorio, Big Island Housing Foundation

“As someone who has relatively limited exposure to this area, the coverage of the topic was easy to follow with both the graphics and discussion.” 
- Linda Mannion, Staff Accountant, Community Services Programs, Inc.

"You were great! Tax credit deals scare those of us that haven't utilized them frequently. Your explanations were easy to understand and key aspects and thresholds were identified to help flesh out how deals would work and possible pitfalls."
- Stephanie Booker, ONE Neighborhood Builders

“Great for beginners and for those may have known about the PA Bonds in general as a financing toolbut have not worked directly with themlike local public/government housing officials and administratorseasy to understand and watch.  I especially like the presentation graphics/slides combined with the presenters' live video feed.”
- Marcos Ysmael, Pima County Community Development and Neighborhood Conservation

"Excellent presentation. The panelist provided key industry information and were clear and concise in their presentations."
- Tanya Hudson-Murray, New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency

"This webinar contained a lot of good information, far beyond the basics. I would recommend it for anyone looking to better understand bonds. This is not just for someone new to tax credits."
- Molly Joss, Aegon USA Realty Advisors LLC

"Very informative, relevant examples and the slides will provide clear reference points later. Having panelist from various roles and clearly experts in this field was helpful as well. They all did a great job keeping me engaged. I do enjoy the polling questions, it really helps with retention for me."
- Destini Lednicky, Southwestern Illinois Development Authority

“Well executed.  I liked the mini quiz between sections. The presenters represented multiple parties.”
- Ashleigh Finke, Over-the-Rhine Community Housing

“I work on the management side of Dominium and for someone who is unfamiliar with the developing/finance part, this helped shed some light on how the entire process works.” 
- Mitch Moore, Dominium

"Clear, Interactive among the panelists, visuals were helpful. Very good intro to a complex topic."
- Gordon Gregory, Intermark Development

"The training included a lot of detailed information on topics not typically covered in a bond training. It was helpful to get a better understanding of the financing piece of a bond deal. The panel added helpful insight on the various topics covered."
- Stacy Jost, Enterprise

"Great presenters. Great slides and supplemental materials for future reference."
- Valorie Schwarzmann, Homeport

"I did miss the beginning so I can on only comment on the second half but great walk through for the investor trying to expand beyond LIHTC with traditional construction financing."
- Lisa Kelly, First National Bank

“Visuals make the process easier to understand.”
- Gail Severt, SCG Development

"Extremely informative and presented in an easy to understand manner."
- Lynne Behar, Low Income Housing Institute

"The panel discussion provided and excellent opportunity to hear different perspectives on the same issue."
- Carla Wallentine, Utah Housing Corporation

"Great information! Please send recommendations for any other presentations that build on this webinar."
- Marisela Fuller, Visionary Home Builders of California, Inc.

“Great high-level overview.”
- Stuart R. Breaux, Becker & Hebert LLC

"Extremely thorough and informative."
- Jocelyn M. Smith, H.J. Russell & Company, Atlanta

“Very informative and at the right pace.”
-Tim Durose, Minneapolis Public Housing Authority

"Very informative, good slides, some complicated, but panelists walked through them in a way that made it understandable."
- Lisa Rotvold, Beyond Shelter Inc.

“This helped solidify my understanding of bond regulations and process. The tests and rules for bond/tax credits were particularly helpful.”
- AHC Inc.

“Great presentations about the bond process. It was illustrated well. Bond information and exposure to the process and yes, the webinar flowed very well. A great deal of information was covered. Nice work!”
- Kimberly Hignutt-Scott, Multifamily Management Services, LLC

"I appreciated all the speakers answering the Q&A via typing or verbal."
- Narik Riak, New Year Investments

"The slides were well-assembled and explanations were delivered thoroughly and in good detail."
- Philip Balk, Huntington National Bank

"Webinar pace and content done in an extremely efficient, understandable presentation, even for the first-timer!"
- Traci Maxwell, Retirement Housing Foundation

"The presenters well-prepared, handouts easy to follow, voices clear, pictures clear, just great!"
- Judith L. Smith, THDA

“Complex topic was presented in clear, understandable graphics with the right level of explanation.”
- Steve Posey, HUD Program Administrator, City of Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Great graphics. Knowledgeable presenters.”
- John Boyd, Pedcor Companies

“Very educational and timely discussion of private activity bonds and how they fit into today's affordable housing landscape.”
- James Hingston, Community Preservation Partners

“Slides and presentation are well assembled.”
- Lisa Dayton, Dayton & Assoc. LLC

“All contributors used their hand-on experience to bring to life the requirements for the Bond Issues and the LIHTC.”
- Linda Mannion, Staff Accountant, Community Services Programs Inc.

"The mystery of bonds has been somewhat clarified for me, which is a great success. Many 'light bulbs' went on due to the presentation and the presenters' way of communicating information."
- Brian Shelton-Kelley, NeighborWorks Anchorage

"This is new information for me and I think the slides and explanations were excellent and easy enough for me to understand."
- Patricia Winter, Dworbell Inc.

“Instructors answered questions directly without going down a 'rabbit hole'. This made answers clear and saved time.”
- Mitch Moore, Dominium

"It was very clear. I have been doing LIHTCs for 25 years and learned something about LIHTCs."
- Robin Boyce, Housing Development Center

"I came in with no knowledge or experience and it has helped me understand the subject."
- Gurmeet Singh

"Good overview. I'm new to the 4 percent/bond deals and this seminar helped me to clarify how all the pieces fit together."
- Kirk Farmer, Cohen-Esrey Affordable Partners

"Presented a complicated subject at the right level of technical difficultly for an audience generally familiar with LIHTCs and bond transactions but looking for more detailed understanding of the subject matter."
- Kevin M. Keating, Urban Housing Partners LLC

"There was a lot of information covered, but as long as you had a basic knowledge, the flow went well. And the organization between the host and panelists was great."
- Erin O'Neill, National Development Council

"I appreciated the different perspective!"
- Dan Kern, CPA, with McKonly & Asbury LLP

"The speakers were engaged and gave useful and practical info."
- Joe Rizzo with Beyond Shelter Inc.

“All individual instructors were extremely professional and relayed accurate information. They were concise in their answers and very informative. Prior to attending this webinar, I did not know much of what 4 percent deals considered. I now know what they are, how the capital stack is structured, and what deals they are appropriate for.”
- Robert Cain, PathStone Corporation

"Good commentators and provided good overview of basics."
- Christopher Blair, The Community Development Trust

"I am just beginning to learn about this process for financing.  I feel I could speak to others about it with some confidence after the webinar. [The panelists] were very knowledgeable and were able to convey the answers to many questions with clear and simple language."
- Melanie Fohl, Stevens County Housing & Redevelopment Authority

"Although I have a real estate development background, affordable housing is new to me.  There was a lot of material for you to convey and me to absorb. It was an immersion into many of the concepts that apply to my position & role in the company."
- Themis Michalakos, New Urban Development LLC

"I am new to the 4 percent low-income housing tax credit and bond issuance world and learned a great deal about it. We are involved in 4 percent tax credit issues on a regular basis and the information was very relevant."
- Virginia Pfankuch, Montana Board of Housing

"Covered the subject in depth."
-Norman McLoughlin, McLoughlin & Associates

“Enjoyed the banter during a very educational webinar!  Definitely worth the money.”

-Mike Williams, SVP, Gardner Capital


“Good overall review.”

-John Bollech, Federal One


"The webinar effectively achieved the right balance of information."
-  Linda Brydie, District of Columbia Housing Authority


“Great pace throughout webinar, kept it engaging.  Panel has some strong contributions.  Was easy to understand.  Materials were shared ahead of time which was helpful.”

-Andy Grier, America First Multifamily Investors L.P.


“Informative and clarifying even if one had a good background in the industry.”

-Samantha Hennessey, CIS Inc.


“The 'Bonds 101' at the outset was appreciated and a necessary context for non experts.”

-Patrick Boyle, NYSAFAH


“The mix of presenters is terrific and the mix of graphics with the language is also very helpful.”

-Melanie Fohl, Stevens County Housing & Redevelopment Authority


"Great job! Easy to understand. Loved the visual aids!"

- Traci Dusenbury, Halcon Development, LLC


“Time tables and visuals were great.”

-Bruce Brensdal, Montana Housing


"We are in the beginning of our first bond deal and this webinar clarified a lot for me."
- Liz Mogstad, Rocky Mountain Development Council, Inc.


“Very informative, but not so technical as to be inaccessible to those without much bond experience.  The slides were very helpful in illustrating topics.  I work for a developer and have primarily worked in 9% LIHTC deals to date, but am preparing to submit an application for 4% LIHTC/bond deal.  The information presented will be extremely relevant and I will be referring back to today's slides.  I am glad to have a better knowledge base to assist with bond transactions in the future.”

-Janet Westrich, Development Project Manager, Episcopal Retirement Services