Praise for the Novogradac Private Activity Bond and 4 Percent LIHTC Overview Webinar

“Good high-level review of multiple topics.”
- Jennifer Knudtson, Jennifer E. Knudtson, CPA

“Very informative and easily understandable.”
- Dru Childre, Dharma Development

“Great explanations of the basics.”
- Kimberlie Burkhart, Landsman Development Corp.

"Material was presented very well."
- Joel Reed, Gorman & Company

"The presentation was well organized and the presenters demonstrated that they were knowledgeable in the area being taught."
- Johnathon Jensen, WSRP, LLC

"Very informative!"
- Matthew Janeczko, Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation

"Clear explanations, addressed questions."
- Kevin Fanfoni, Calvert Impact Capital