Praise for the Novogradac Reviewing LIHTC Lower-Tier Tax Returns for Non-CPAs Webinar

"Very informative and the illustrations are most helpful. I now understand what I'm looking for when reviewing tax returns and how the forms tie together."
- Steven Reed, Morrow Realty

 “I found the examples tying the various forms to be very helpful.”
- Gretchen Maurer, Property Advisory Group Inc.

"This was a great webinar and helped me understand the 1065 more thoroughly, I recommend it for anyone that has to review the tax returns from their CPA. All the instructors did a great job explaining why things are the way they are...which is important context for me to facilitate absorbing the material."
- Bonnie Craigie, Rural Community Assistance Corporation

“Very detailed and descriptive explanations.”
- Low Income Housing Institute

"Concepts were explained in detail."
- Pavi Mohan, Alliant Asset Management

"Great overview, good diagrams."
- DN&E Walter & Co.

“Very technical concepts were made clear”
-Amy Schmid, Schmid Consulting

“Handouts were helpful in following along with presentation. I appreciated detailed calculations and reference arrows/boxes.”
- Kristie Quitevis, CHISPA, Inc.

“I knew many things about Lower Tier Tax Returns, but there was enough ‘OH, That's what that means’ moments to make it worthwhile”
- Gail Severt, Controller, SVP Stratford Capital Group

“I was able to connect the dots for many things that I have been working with on 1065s.”
- Susan Lanka, National Affordable Housing Trust, Inc.

“Both presenters explained the topic and additional items clearly and had enough visuals available”
-Alida Hart, Burbank Housing Development Corporation

“Easy to follow. Correct level of depth per the webinar description.”
Matt Hannigan, Burbank Housing Development Corporation