Introduction to Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

Fourth Edition - SOLD OUT
Booklet Intro to LIHTC fourth edition

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Now in its fourth edition, this booklet is an introduction to the basics of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. The Introduction to Low-Income Housing Tax Credits provides a brief but substantive look into the background and structure of the LIHTC. It gives readers an opportunity to learn the LIHTC players, credit types and how they are awarded, how to apply for credits, the role that bonds play, how the LIHTC is calculated, how transactions are financed and how to comply with LIHTC rules. The booklet can be a primer for real estate professionals who are considering entering the world of LIHTC projects or a resource for the new hires at companies that have years of experience investing in, lending to, consulting for or producing affordable rental housing. The fourth edition has been updated to reflect today’s LIHTC landscape and market conditions, including the effect of the prospect of comprehensive tax reform and the minimum 9 percent rate on the LIHTC as well as updates on state caps, compliance regulations and more. Charts and illustrations have also been refined and updated. 


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