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Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the passage of the low-income housing tax credit, the LIHTC Showcase describes the history of the credit; the impact it has on residents, developers, investors and state agencies; and profiles more than 70 properties across the nation that were financed by the LIHTC.

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Individual articles are also available:


Alabama Gains More Affordable Family Housing - Alabama 5th
After the Storm, Affordable Housing Rebuilt in Birmingham, Ala. - Alabama 7th


Marquee Apartments Preserve Affordable Senior Housing in Phoenix - Arizona 7th


LIHTCs Fund Affordable Housing for Disabled Adults - California 13th
Affordable Senior Housing Preserved in Educated Southern California Town - California 27th
Skid Row Hotel Becomes Upgraded Apartments - California 34th
Los Angeles Apartments a Mosaic of Families, Seniors - California 34th
Aging Apartments Get Rebirth in Paso Robles, Calif. - California 24th
Struggling SF Neighborhood Gets Lift from LIHTCs - California 12th
San Francisco Affordable Housing Gets Rehabilitation, Resyndication - California 12th
Affordable Senior Housing Upgraded, Preserved in Sunny Santa Barbara - California 24th
Senior Housing in Santa Cruz, Calif., Gets Upgrade - California 20th
Wait Worth it for Affordable Housing in Santa Monica, Calif. - California 33rd


Pilot Program, LIHTCs Preserve Colorado Senior Housing - Colorado 5th
Denver Neighborhood Getting Long-Needed Affordable Housing - Colorado 1st
Denver Apartments Get Update, Expansion - Colorado 1st
New Approach Brings New Housing for Homeless - Colorado 2nd

District of Columbia

Victory for Affordable Senior Housing in Washington, D.C. - Washington, D.C., At-Large


Two Tax Credits Combine to Renovate Delaware Apartments - Delaware, At-Large


Nonprofit Developer Uses LIHTCs to Rescue Complex - Florida 5th
LIHTCs Turn Miami Vacant Lot into Garden-Style Apartments - Florida 24th


Georgia Apartments Get Much-Needed Overhaul - Georgia 7th


Idaho Seniors Benefit from Attractive, Energy Efficient Housing - Idaho 2nd


VA Funds, LIHTCs Provide Hope to Veterans in Chicago - Illinois 7th
LIHTCs Lead to Change of Housing to Newer, Better Replacement - Illinois 13th


Indiana Senior Housing Addresses Shortage - Indiana 9th
Veterans Find Help, Homes in Indianapolis - Indiana 7th
Historic Building Provides Affordable Housing in South Bend, Ind. - Indiana 2nd


Iowa Hotel Becomes Affordable Housing, Thanks to LIHTCs - Iowa 1st


College Landmark Becomes Affordable Senior Housing - Kansas 1st


LIHTC Properties in Kentucky Change Lives for Students, Families - Kentucky 3rd


LIHTCs Pave Way for Major Renovation of Boston Public Housing - Massachusetts 8th
Boston Affordable Apartments Get New Life - Massachusetts 8th
Cape Cod Town Uses LIHTCs to Build Housing for Residents - Massachusetts 9th
Historic Apartments in Salem, Mass., Gain Renovation - Massachusetts 6th


Veterans Get Affordable Housing Thanks to LIHTCs - Michigan 3rd
Michigan Senior Development Gets LIHTC Boost - Michigan 9th


Former Duluth, Minn., Firehouse Becomes Affordable Housing - Minnesota 8th
Fast-Growing Minnesota Town Gets LIHTC Housing - Minnesota 6th
Historic Fort to House Homeless Veterans - Minnesota 5th


Affordable Housing Brings Hope after Missouri Tornado - Missouri 7th
LIHTCs Make Veterans Housing Available in Kansas City - Missouri 5th
Historic St. Louis Buildings Transform Into Affordable Housing for Artists - Missouri 1st


Reno Development Provides Housing for Families, Special Needs - Nevada 2nd

North Carolina

Former North Carolina Mills Now Affordable Housing - North Carolina 2nd
Affordable Housing Improves Lives in North Carolina - North Carolina 4th

North Dakota

Historic High School Provides Senior Housing in Oil Boom Region - North Dakota At-Large

New Jersey

Historic School Becomes Housing for Seniors - New Jersey 3rd
New Jersey Affordable Housing Gets Facelift - New Jersey 1st
Senior Housing Rises in Wake of Hurricane Sandy - New Jersey 3rd

New York

Brooklyn Hospital Property Becomes Affordable Housing - New York 9th


LIHTCs Provide New Life for Aging Public Housing Site - Ohio 2nd


LIHTCs Finance Facelift for Aging Portland Senior Complex - Oregon 3rd


LIHTC Development Helps Families Near Penn State - Pennsylvania 5th
Historic Area in Pennsylvania Gets Affordable Housing - Pennsylvania 4th

South Carolina

Affordable Apartments Diversify Housing Stock in Columbia, S.C. - South Carolina 6th


Texas Nonprofit Builds Dream Development - Texas 10th
Dallas Senior Apartments Prove Popular - Texas 30th


Growing Utah Town Gains Affordable Senior Housing - Utah 4th
Utah Housing Success Brings Phase II - Utah 1st
Utah Program Uses LIHTCs to Assist Ownership - Utah 1st
Salt Lake City Workers Get ‘Providential’ Help from LIHTC Property - Utah 2nd


Historic Housing in Vermont Gets LIHTC Boost - Vermont At-Large


LIHTCs Preserve Affordable Homes in Pricey Fairfax County, Va. - Virginia 11th
LIHTCs Help Fund Affordable Housing for Disabled in Virginia - Virginia 6th
LIHTC Development Diversifies Housing in High-Income Area - Virginia 8th

U.S. Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Kick-Start LIHTC Developments - U.S. Virgin Islands At-Large


Transit-Oriented Property Gives Workers a Home in Seattle - Washington 9th
LIHTCs Pave Way for More Tribal Housing - Washington 4th


LIHTCs Help Wyoming City Add Affordable Housing - Wyoming At-Large

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