Novogradac Introduction to Opportunity Zones - Premium

Second Edition
2019 Intro OZ Premium

The Novogradac Introduction to Opportunity Zones, Second Edition booklet serves as an introduction to the opportunity zones (OZ) incentive that aims to release capital locked in highly appreciated assets into distressed communities. The booklet describes the history of the idea, how the incentive became law, tax benefits, how OZs and opportunity funds work, important details about OZ property and how the incentive works with other federal and state tax incentives. It includes key updates from the first two tranches of Treasury guidance on the OZ incentive.

The Novogradac Introduction to Opportunity Zones, Second Edition booklet includes:

  • A brief history of OZs
  • The history of OZ legislation
  • Tax benefits of OZs
  • Taxpayers eligible for the OZ incentive
  • Gains eligible for the OZ incentive
  • The five-, seven- and 10-year benefits of OZs
  • Eligibility requirements for OZs
  • Demographics of OZs
  • Statutory requirements for qualified opportunity funds (QOFs)
  • Definitions of key QOF terms
  • Types of qualified OZ property
  • Standards for different types of qualified OZ property
  • Regulations concerning qualified OZ businesses
  • How OZs interact with other incentives

Print and digital

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