Novogradac LIHTC Property Management Handbook

2016 Edition
Handbook Cover LIHTC Property Management Handbook, 2016 Edition 2

The 2016 Novogradac LIHTC Property Management Handbook guides readers through the most up-to-date information in the complex field of LIHTC compliance monitoring. The 2016 edition discusses resyndicated properties, eviction or "termination of tenancy," combining USDA and LIHTC rent limits and what critical documents a LIHTC property manager should have. This comprehensive resource features expanded guidance for acquisition/rehabilitation properties, including safe harbor guidance, next available unit rules, the 120-day grace period and resyndication concerns, as well as real-world examples demonstrating how the principles should be applied.

The 2016 Novogradac LIHTC Property Management Handbook also provides important new information on:

  • Electronic storage of files
  • Compliance after the initial 15-year credit period
  • Minimum set-asides
  • Multifamily Tax Subsidy Projects income limits
  • How income limits are calculated
  • Income limits and household size
  • Income inclusions while determining tenant income
  • Foster care income
  • Determining Tenant Income after Defense of Marriage Act ruling
  • Retroactive Income certification
  • Change in household size for income recertification
  • Utility Allowance for PHAs
  • Submetering
  • Rent floor
  • Vacant Unit Rule
  • Suitable for occupancy
  • Students
  • Manager’s Units
  • Novogradac Rent & Income Limit Calculator©


This essential tool for LIHTC property owners and managers also includes key sample IRS forms, a sample utility allowance schedule and federal tax law sources.

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