Novogradac LIHTC Year 15 Handbook - Premium

2019 Premium Edition
Handbook Cover -Year 15 Handbook Premium 2019

The 2019 Novogradac LIHTC Year 15 Handbook provides guidance, options and insight into trends for all parties in a low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) transaction at Year 15, whether they want to retain their property, exit ownership or are undecided.

Topics include everything from the partnership between the owner/developer and investor to various exit strategies and tips for approaching the end of the compliance period. Filled with guidance, updates and useful documents, the 2019 Novogradac LIHTC Year 15 Handbook is a valuable resource for owners, investors, developers, government agencies and anyone else who faces decisions that come with the end of the initial compliance period for LIHTC developments.

Print and digital

This edition includes both a print copy and app access to the Novogradac LIHTC Year 15 Handbook. The NovocoKnows app is available on smartphones and tablets and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. Novogradac will send an email with app access information within 1 business day of purchase.

The 2019 Novogradac LIHTC Year 15 Handbook includes such discussions as:

  • considerations for market analysis;
  • when and how to reposition your property in the market;
  • exit strategy options;
  • potential tax consequences for options at Year 15;
  • concerns at Year 15 for general partners, limited partners, syndicators and housing finance agencies;
  • Year 15 compliance issues for LIHTC properties;
  • recapture issues;
  • handling debt at Year 15;
  • deferred developer fees and their implications;
  • valuation of partnership interests;
  • GAAP guidance for transactions at Year 15;
  • and more.

The 2019 Novogradac LIHTC Year 15 Handbook has new or updated sections about:

  • expense and utility analysis;
  • qualified contracts;
  • nonprofit general partner right of first refusal;
  • sale of property by the LIHTC partnership;
  • qualified contract data;
  • housing finance agency inspection requirements;
  • eligible basis;
  • revenue projections.


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