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Understanding low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) income and rent limit growth is vital. Better understanding how income limits will change in future years can enable developers, investors and lenders to better underwrite LIHTC properties.

By purchasing one or more reports created with our Novogradac Rent and Income Limit Estimator © you will have insight into how income and rent limits in that area will change over the next 1-2 years. Novogradac uses recent American Community Survey data (ACS) and the same calculation methodology as HUD to estimate what income and rents will be in future years. Such reports can assist you in estimating income and rent growth rates and should be a part of every underwriting model for LIHTC properties.

Estimates are anticipated to be accurate with potential variances caused by changing inflation factors used in the calculation.

A note about ordering:

If you are interested in purchasing rent and income limit estimates from us, please review the lists of available areas below to see if estimates are available for your area. Then please email your request(s) to [email protected] and you will receive a response instructing you on how many items to add to your cart. The fee is $500 per area requested.  For orders in excess of 10 areas please contact [email protected] for a bulk discounts. Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email with your purchases within one business day.

Available Estimates:

Area Median Income (AMI) using the American Community Survey (ACS) is calculated with same formula HUD uses when calculating AMI. This can be used to estimate income and rent limits that are based on AMI.

Very Low Income (VLI) is calculated with same formula and adjustments HUD uses when determining VLI. This can be used to estimate LIHTC and tax-exempt bond income and rent limits.  Please note, there are some areas that we can only provide estimates for one year and not two.

AMI should not be used for LIHTC rents. Please see this blog post for more information about the difference between AMI and VLI and the adjustments that HUD applies to AMI to arrive at VLI: What you Need to Know About Income Limits.

Please use this link to see if an estimate is available for your area. Please note that the data is released throughout the year. We will update this list as new areas become available.


Because of how HUD determines income and rent limits Novogradac & Company is not able to provide accurate estimates for all areas. Please refer to the list of available estimates for each report type. If you’re interested in an area that is not on the list, please contact [email protected] to discuss in more detail what information Novogradac can provide for that area.


Purchase of any Novogradac Rent and Income Limit Estimator © reports is subject to execution of a terms and conditions document (T & C Document) linked below.  If you do not agree to the T & C Document you will be unable to add the item to your cart or purchase it.

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