Matt Meeker, CPA


Matt Meeker is a partner in the Dover, Ohio, office of Novogradac, where he specializes in federal and state new markets tax credits (NMTCs), renewable energy tax credits (RETCs), historic rehabilitation tax credits (HTCs), low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) and opportunity zones (OZ) investments. Mr. Meeker has consulted on hundreds of tax credit transactions. He provides transaction advisory services to real estate and renewable energy developers, community development entities, lenders, consultants and investors on the structuring and financing of federal and state NMTCs, RETCs, HTCs and LIHTCs. Mr. Meeker also has extensive experience working with syndicators regarding the various tax and accounting issues involved in NMTCs, RETCs, HTCs, LIHTCs and OZs. He also advises on accounting, tax, compliance and regulatory matters in addition to providing traditional audit and tax services. Mr. Meeker frequently speaks at industry conferences and seminars on topics related to the new markets, historic rehabilitation, renewable energy tax credits and opportunity zone industries. He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Miami University of Ohio and is licensed in Ohio as a certified public accountant.