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2004 QAPs and Applications







AlabamaDraft QAPFinal QAP-2004 Applications Received
Alaska-Final QAPApplication2004 Reservation List
GOAL Instructions 2004
GOAL Policies and Procedures 2004
ArizonaDraft QAPFinal QAP-2004 Awardees
2004 Applicantions Received
Arkansas-Final QAP-

2004 LIHTC RecipientsGuidelines for Allocating Multifamily Tax Exempt Volume Cap

California-Final QAP-Approved 2004 1st Round Projects
1st Round Contact List
1st Round Applicant List
New 2004 Market Study Guidelines
Final 2004 Adopted Regulations
2nd Draft 2004 Regulations
Memorandum on Proposed Changes to 2nd Draft Regulations
1st Draft 2004 Regulations
Memorandum on the 1st Draft Regulations
Colorado-Final QAP-Proposed Changes
ConnecticutDraft QAP-Application-
Delaware-Final QAP-2004 Applicants
GeorgiaDraft QAPFinal QAP 2004 Applicants
Summary of Changes
Hawaii-Final QAP--
Idaho-Final QAP-Reservations
IllinoisDraft QAPFinal QAP-2004 Applicants
Summary of Changes
Application Checklist
IndianaDraft QAP --
IowaDraft QAPFinal QAPApplicationTimeline of Important Dates
Aggregate Application Totals
KansasDraft QAPFinal QAP-2004 1st Round Allocations
2004 Forward Commitments
Kentucky-Final QAPApplicationWorkshop Registration Form
Louisiana-Final QAPApplication2004 Awards List
2004 Credit Ceiling Waiting List
Preliminary Awards
Maine-Final QAP
MarylandDraft QAPFinal QAPProposed Changes
Redline Draft QAP
Multifamily Rental Housing Financing Guide
MassachusettsDraft QAP--
MinnesotaDraft QAP-Important Dates
MississippiDraft QAPFinal QAP
MissouriDraft QAPFinal QAP
MontanaDraft QAP-
NebraskaDraft QAPFinal QAPDraftInformation Guide
Carryover Allocation Procedures Manual
Cost Certificate Procedures Manual
Land Use Restriction Agreement
NevadaDraft QAPFinal QAP-
New HampshireDraft QAPFinal QAPApplicationAppendices to QAP
Redline Draft QAP
Summary of Proposed Changes
Draft Scoring System
New Jersey- Allocation Schedule
New MexicoDraft QAPFinal QAPAllocation Package, 2004
A - Cover Page
B - Table of Contents
C - Placed in Service Checklist
D - Development Project App
E - Schedule M
F - Schedule F
G - Form A Instructions
H - Form A
I - Form B
J - Form C
K - Attorney Opinion
L - Form 8609 Certification
M - Lender's Consent
N - Architect's Certification
O - Project Ownership Profile
P - Sample Land Use Restriction Agreement
New York--Application2004 Request for Proposals
United Funding Reference Materials
Common Application Flaws
2004 Housing Programs
State Action Plan
North CarolinaDraft QAPFinal QAPApplication2004 Funded Projects
Appendices & Other Information
OhioDraft QAPFinal QAP-
Oregon-Final QAPSpring 2004 Applicants
Fall 2004 Applicants
Puerto Rico-Final QAP-
Rhode Island-Final QAP-
Pennsylvania-Final QAP-
South CarolinaDraft QAPFinal QAPTier 1 Applications
South DakotaDraft QAPFinal QAP-
TennesseeDraft QAPFinal QAPApplicationApplicant List
Proposed Amendments to QAP
Tax-Exempt Bond Authority Program Description
Tax-Exempt Bond Applicants
TexasDraft QAPFinal QAP--
Vermont-Final QAP-
VirginiaDraft QAP-Summary of Proposed Changes to QAP
WashingtonDraft QAPFinal QAP-
WisconsinDraft QAPFinal QAP
WyomingDraft QAP-DraftDraft Compliance Manual


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