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2008 QAPs and Applications







AlabamaFinal QAP----

Certification of Market Study Requirements

2007 Alabama QCTs

AlaskaFinal QAP--Application

Application Instructions


Policies & Procedures

American Samoa --Draft QAP--


ArizonaFinal QAP----

Reallocation Allocatees

Director's Message

Summary of Comments and Responses

Memo Regarding Changes to QAP

Resubmittal Allocation Round Notice

ArkansasFinal QAP----

Additional Credit Availability Memo


Minimum Design Standards

HR3221 Amendments

CaliforniaFinal QAP-- 

August 26 Memo Regarding Extra Credits

2008 Schedule

July 31 Memo Regarding H.R. 3221

March 31 Memo Regarding Syndication Agreements within 9% Applications

Adopted Regulations

2007 Annual Report

Proposed Regulation Changes Feb.'08

Proposed Regulation Changes Nov.'07

4 Percent Application

Methodology for Determining Rural Status of Project Site

Bidders' Q&A

ColoradoFinal QAPDraft QAPApplication 
Connecticut--Draft QAPApplicationPreliminary Financing Application
Delaware--Draft QAPPart I
Part II
Part III
Florida--Draft QAP--Draft of 2008 Application
Georgia--Draft QAP--2008 QAP Core Changes
HawaiiFinal QAP---- 
IdahoFinal QAPDraft QAPPart I
Part II
IllinoisFinal QAPDraft QAP--

Additional Credit Allocation

Disaster Credits

IndianaFinal QAP----

Equity Memo

List of Appendices

List of Forms

Public Notice: Selection Criteria Outside of the QAP

IowaFinal QAPDraft QAPApplication

2008 Report

QAP for Heartland Disaster Relief Act Allocations

Set Aside Instructions

Set Aside Application A

Set Aside Application B

Approved Individual Assistance Registrants

KansasFinal QAP---- 
KentuckyFinal QAP----

Re: Revisions to Compliance Monitoring Requirements due to H.R. 3221

HR 3221 Amendment

2008 Competitive Application Score Sheet

2008 Scoring Guidelines

2002 Tax Exempt Bond Request with Conduit Financing


GO Zone Additional Credits Procedures Memo (April 19, 2010)

GO Zone Additional Credits Procedures

GO Zone Additional Credits Preliminary Ranking

GO Zone Memo (September 11, 2009)

Amendment to 2007/2008 GO Zone QAP

Letter to Governor Jindal

2008 GO Zone QAP

QAP Hearing

Lightning Round Allocations

Lightning Round B Memo

MaineFinal QAP--Application 
MarylandFinal QAPDraft QAPApplication

Public Notice

Funding Memo

HR3221 Letter

December Funding Round Notice

Competitive Funding Round Notice

Tax Credit Equity Memo--Fall Funding Round

MassachusettsFinal QAP----

Amended QAP

Notice of QAP Hearing

Notice of Funding Availability

MichiganFinal QAP----

Hearing Notice

QAP Preamble


MinnesotaFinal QAP--Application2008 Procedural Manual
MississippiFinal QAP--Application

Request for Additional Credits Memo

Additional Credits Memo Update

Additional Credits Memo Update #2

Additional Credits Application

August 29 Bulletin Regarding Returned LIHTCs

2008 Application Instructions

February 25 Memo Regarding Average Purchase Price for Cycle 4

MissouriFinal QAPDraft QAPApplication

QAP Exceptions

Notice of QAP Hearings

Disaster Credits

Implementation of HERA Provisions

MontanaFinal QAP--Application 
NebraskaFinal QAP--Application

Approved Amendments

Notice of QAP Hearing

QAP Amendments

Nevada--Draft QAP--Extension of 270-Day Deadline
New Hampshire Final QAPDraft QAP--2008 Appendices
New Mexico Final QAP--ApplicationH.R. 3221 Related Amendements DRAFT
New York Final QAPDraft QAP--

New York State Housing Report - 2007

Guidelines for Requesting Additional Funding

North Carolina Final QAPDraft QAPApplication 
North DakotaFinal QAPDraft QAPApplication 
OhioFinal QAPDraft QAP--

Ammendment to 2008 QAP

H.R. 3221 Amendment

Response to Equity Market

OklahomaFinal QAP--Application

HR3221-related Changes

Emergency Rules Draft

Additional Credits Application

PennsylvaniaFinal QAP--Application 
Puerto Rico ------ 
Rhode Island --Draft QAP-- 
South Carolina Final QAPDraft QAP--

2008 LIHTC Program Manual

Credit Return/Hold Harmless Memo

South DakotaFinal QAPDraft QAPApplication 
TennesseeFinal QAPDraft QAPApplication

Amendment Memo

2008 Multifamily Tax-Exempt Bond Authority program description (amended)

Placed In Service Memo

Carryover Allocation Regulations

TexasFinal QAPDraft QAP--

Summary of Board Action on September 4, 2008 Relating to the Implementation of HR 3221 in the Texas Housing Tax Credit Program

Exhibits and Supplemental Application Materials

UtahFinal QAP---- 
VermontFinal QAPDraft QAP-- 
Virgin Islands ------ 
VirginiaFinal QAP---- 
WashingtonFinal QAP--Application

Final Policy Changes

Multifamily Bond Allocation

West Virginia Final QAP---- 
WisconsinFinal QAP----

H.R. 3221 Memo

Disaster Relief Memo

H.R. 1424 Memo

WyomingFinal QAP----2008 NOFA


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