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2011 QAPs and Applications







Alabama Final QAP Draft QAP Application

QAP: Special Interpretive Release

Application Checklist

Index of Required Documents

Application Attachment A
Application Attachment B
Application Attachment C
Application Attachment D
Application Attachment E
Application Attachment F
Application Attachment G
Application Attachment H
Application Attachment I
Application Attachment J
Application Attachment K1, K2, K3

Rent & Income Limits

QAP Hearings

Tie Breaker Memo

Alaska     Application


GOAL Policies and Procedures

GOAL Preapplication Notice
Pre-Application Workbook (Rental)
Pre-Application Statements of Qualifications
Pre-Application (4 percent)

Loussac Manor Redvelopment Pre-Application/RFQ
Loussac Manor Teleconference Transcript
Loussac Manor Teleconference Attendees
Loussac Manor Final Update
Loussac Manor FAQs

Universal Design Principles

Loussac Manor Award Memo

Arizona Final QAP Draft QAP Application

Application Checklist


Additional Forms

Applicant Certification and Indeminification

Sample Letter of Acknowledgement

Form 8821

IB 12-11: Preliminary Award & Waiting List
IB 06-11: Workbook Clarifications
IB 04-11: Change to Annual Reporting Requirements for LIHTC Projects
IB 03-11: Utility Allowance Guidelines
IB 02-11: Application Changes

Application Workshop Presentation

Market Study Guidlines
Design Guidelines

Request for Comments on the QAP
(September 7, 2010)
QAP Comments Deadline
QAP Hearings
QAP Final Draft Memo

Bond Guidelines
Bond Application

Gap Application

Preliminary Awards & Waiting List

Arkansas Final QAP Draft QAP Application

Application Attachments

QAP Changes
QAP Hearings

Design Standards
Design Standards Hearings

Market Study Guidelines
Market Study Hearings


California Final QAP   Application

Meeting Notice (November 16, 2011)

Second Round Final Approved Recommendations

Explanation of Committee Allocation Action (October 3, 2011)

Proposed Update to the Geographic Apportionment

First Round Update and Second Round Guidance (May 26, 2011)

Estimated Available Credit

Q&A Part I: Application Workshop
Q&A Part II: Public Funds Scoring

Local Reviewing Agency (LRA) Application Process

Previously Adopted Regulations
Adopted Regulations (February 2, 2011)

Previously Adopted Regulations

Sustainable Building Methods Reference Sheet

Supplemental Information

Rent & Income Limits

Cost Containment Forums Report

9 Percent Set-Aside Applications
9 Percent Geographic Applications
4 Percent Applications

Tax Credit Pricing

Summary of 2011 CDLAC Program Activity

Colorado Final QAP Draft QAP Application

QAP Hearings
QAP Draft 1
QAP Changes 1
QAP Changes 2
QAP Changes 3

Letters of Intent (Round 1) (Round 2)
Status Report (Round 1)

Awards (Round 1)

Connecticut Final QAP Draft QAP


Workbook 1
Workbook 2
Workbook 3
Workbook 4

Application Instructions

Appendix 1

Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 7
Appendix 9
Appendix 10
Appendix 11
Appendix 12
Appendix 13
Appendix 14
Appendix 15
Appendix 18
Appendix 19
Appendix 20
Appendix 22
Appendix 23
Appendix 24
Appendix 25
Appendix 26
Appendix 27 Employment Reqs
Appendix 28
Appendix 29


Income Limits

Proposed Change

QAP (Draft 1)
QAP Hearings (July 7, 2010)
Notice of QAP Change (August 5, 2010)
QAP Hearing (December 16, 2010)
QAP Hearing (January 21, 2011)

Very Low-Income Construction Employment Policy Statement

Standards of Design & Construction
Standards of Design & Construction Public Review Draft Meeting

Delaware Final QAP Draft QAP

Part I

Part II

Part III


Cover Letter
QAP Changes
QAP Attachments
Income & Rent Limits
Management Agent Qualification
Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan
Real Estate Owned/Developed Schedule
Realty Transfer Tax Form
IRS Form 8821
Points Worksheet
Relocation Reimbursement Form
Pre-Approved List of Market Study Providers
Housing Development Fund Supplement
General Contractor Certification and Questionnaire

Approved General Contractor List

Application Draft
Part I (Draft)
Part II (Draft)
Part III (Draft)

Attachments (Draft)

Preliminary Ranking


Final QAP

Draft QAP


Tax Credit Application

Application Announcements (October 21, 2011)

Application Instructions
Application Q&A 1-64
Applications Q&A 65-81
Application Verification Forms

Withdrawn Applications (January 25, 2012)

Preliminary Scores
Preliminary Scores Memo

NOPSE Filing Instructions
NOPSE Request for Review
NOPSE Brief Statement of Explanation

Updated Timeline (November 8, 2011)
Updated Timeline (May 19, 2011)
Updated Timeline (February 2, 2011)
Updated Timeline (June 7, 2010)
Updated Timeline (April 22, 2010)
Proposed Timeline

LIHTC Application Instructions

Anti-Scald Policy Guidance (July, 2, 2013)

Revised NOCA

Petition Against FHFC

Discount Rate

Exhibit 1
Exhibit 5
Exhibit 10
Exhibit 11
Exhibit 12
Exhibit 13
Exhibit 14
Exhibit 15
Exhibit 16
Exhibit 17
Exhibit 20 (1) (2) (3)
Exhibit 22
Exhibit 25
Exhibit 26 (1) (2)
Exhibit 28
Exhibit 29
Exhibit 30
Exhibit 31
Exhibit 32 (1) (2)
Exhibit 33
Exhibit 34
Exhibit 35
Exhibit 36
Exhibit 37
Exhibit 38
Exhibit 39
Exhibit 40
Exhibit 41
Exhibit 42
Exhibit 43
Exhibit 44

QAP Final Draft Email

Universal Application Cycle Delay Email (October 14, 2010)

Income Limits
Rent Limits

Rule Development Hearing

Rule 67-48 Draft Comparison
Rule 67-21 Draft Comparison

Proforma (Draft)

Location A Methodology
Location A Map (November 9, 2010)
Location A Setaside (Draft)
Location A: Hillborough County Set-Aside Boundary
Location A: Hillsborough County Description
Location A: Palm Beach County Boundary
Location A: Seminole County (Revised)
Location A: Orange County (Revised)


Visitability and Universal Design Manual (Draft)

Verification and Certification Exhibit Forms

Occupancy Data

HUD and RD Properties 20+ Years Old with PBRA by County and by Proposed Rental Assistance Level (October 2010)

Director's Message (July 23, 2010)
Director's Message

Development NOFA Memo

Universal Cycle Application Memo

Application Exhibits (Draft December 1, 2010)
Application Exhibits (Draft November 9, 2010)
Application Exhibits (Draft October 20, 2010)
Application Exhibits Email (October 27, 2010)

Application Instructions (Draft December 3, 2010) Draft Comparison

4% HC County HFA Bonds Application Form

Rule Development Workshops

Universal Application Proposed Discussion Points (April 29, 2010)

Universal Cycle Discussion Points Attachments

  1. Transit Oriented Development
  2. Green Building
  3. Universal Design

Conference Call Memo

Rent Limits

Income Limits

Development Proximity List

Senior Center List

Universal Design & Visitability Manual

Competitve Cycle Review
Submitted Applications

Withdrawn Applications (05/31/12)
Final Scores (Revised)

Georgia Final QAP Draft QAP Application

Pre-Application Performance Workbook Instructions

QAP Draft (Redline)

Q&A 1 Q&A 2 Q&A 3 Q&A 4
Q&A 5 Q&A 6 Q&A 7 Q&A 8

Special Initiative Communities

Application and Tabs Checklist

Appendix A (Draft)
Appendix B (Draft)

Application Workshop Presentation 1
Application Workshop Presentation 2

Architecture Workshop Handout 1
Architecture Workshop Handout 2

Feasibility Workshop

QAP Hearings

Market Analysts
Sample Real Estate Schedule
Payment Performance Bond Waiver
Credit Investigation Authorization
Information Release Form
Development Team Qualifications

Utility Allowances

NOFA Update

Allocation Delay Memo


Hawaii   Draft QAP Application

Rule Meeting

Administrative Rule

Idaho Final QAP Draft QAP Application

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C-1, C-2
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F
Exhibit G
Exhibit H
Exhibit I
Exhibit J
Exhibit K

Round 1 Allocations
Round 1 Applicants
Round 2 Applicants

Illinois Final QAP Draft QAP Application


Application Checklist
Application Q&A

AHPAA Municipalities

Other Metro Municipalities

Public Housing Preference Certification
Physical Need Assessment Firms

Project Narrative


Calculation Methods


Preliminary Market Assessment Materials

PSMA Workbook

Fee Payment Form

Request for Feedback


Indiana Final QAP Draft QAP

Initial Application

Final Application

QAP Memo (August 11, 2010)

QAP Roundtable Discussion




Applicants Memo


Midwest Disaster Credits Allocation

Iowa Final QAP Draft QAP Application

QAP Changes
Proposed QAP Changes

Nonprofit Setaside Instructions
FEMA Approved Registrants
Market Study Prices
Payment Process
Developer's Q&A
Developer Training Documents
Construction Requirements

Application Appendices
Application Exhibits
Exhibit 2T
Exhibit H-27

QAP Hearing Memo

Mandatory Developer Meetings

Combined Rankmaster

Kansas Final QAP Draft QAP Application

Second Round Cancelation



Architectural Procedures & Minimum Development Standards

QAP Changes

QAP Hearing

Kentucky Final QAP Draft QAP Application

Rental Application Guidelines

Application Q&A

Green Construction/Energy Star Checklists

Guideform Notice

Credit Report Certification

Intergovernmental Review Process

Management Agent Certification

Consultant Certification

Applicant and Developer Certification

Underwriting Model Review
Underwriting Model Review with LIHTCs
Underwriting Model (LIHTC only)

QAP Hearing Announcement

Score Sheet Guidelines

Site Review Checklist
Site Review Guidelines

QAP Draft 1

QAP Hearings

QAP Draft Announcement

TEB Application

Awards Summary

Louisiana Final QAP Draft QAP Application

Basis Bump Memo

Application Tester Announcement
Application Memo

Right of First Refusal
Development Services Agreement


QAP Hearing
Stakeholders QAP Meeting

QAP Redline (Draft 1) (Draft 2) (Draft 3) (Final)
QAP (Draft 1) (Draft 2)

Selection Criteria (Draft)
Preliminary Applicants

Maine Final QAP Draft QAP Application

Preliminary Application

Market Studies Standards


Maryland Final QAP Draft QAP Application

QAP Final Draft (Blackline Version)

QAP Draft Memo Sent to Governor

Multifamily Rental Financing Program Guide
Multifamily Rental Financing Program Guide (Final Draft)

Multifamily Rental Financing Program Guide (Blackline Version)

Notice 11-04
Notice 10-10

Notice 10-08

Summary of QAP Changes
QAP Revisions Summary

QAP Draft (Redline)
QAP Draft 1 (Blackline)

QAP Revisions Memo
QAP Draft Memo
QAP Hearing

Massachusetts Final QAP Draft QAP Application

NOFA Spring
NOFA Spring Attachment B

Application Exhibits
Application: Enzip300 Instructions
Application: What's New?
Application: FAQs

QAP Hearing Notice

Michigan Final QAP Draft QAP  

Rolling Round Notice

Governor's Approval Letter

Scoring Summary

Low-Income Targeting Spreadsheet

QAP Hearing (May)

Preamble (Draft)

Selfscore (Draft)

Low-Income Targeting Scoring (Draft)

Addendum III
Addendum VI (Draft)

Allocation Policy Definitions (Draft)

AAL Program Overview (Draft)
AAL Policy Threshold Requirements (Draft)
AAL Application Process (Draft)
AAL Memorandum of Understanding (Draft)

QAP Hearing

Rolling Round Applicants

Minnesota Final QAP Draft QAP Application

QAP Hearing

Qualification Forms

Application Checklist

Applicant Letter

Guide to Rental Housing Application

Self Scoring Worksheet

Design Standards

Land Use Covenants

Procedure Manual


Round 1 Awards
Round 1 Distributions Memo

Applicants (Round 2)
Round 2 Awards

Mississippi Final QAP   Application

Application Instructions

Credit Pricing Memo

Application Form SC-1
Application Form TR-1
Application Form TR-2
Application Form TR-3
Application Form TR-4
Application Form TR-5
Application Form TR-5B
Application Form FF 1-6

Application Attachment 1
Application Attachment 2
Application Attachment 3
Application Attachment 4
Application Attachment 5
Application Attachment 6
Application Attachment 7
Application Attachment 8
Application Attachment 9
Application Attachment 10
Application Attachment 11
Application Attachment 12
Application Attachment 13
Application Attachment 14
Application Attachment 15

Rent & Income Limits

Proposed Revisions


QAP Hearing

Proposed QAP Changes


Missouri Final QAP Draft QAP


NOFA 4% Round 2
NOFA (9%) (4%)

Developers' Guide
Development Questionnaire

Disclosure Period Memo
Interested Parties List

Application Waiver
Application Addendum FIN-100

Form 1302 Site Evaluation
Environmental Review Guidelines Form 1400

Application Site Control Memo

Market Study Form 1300S
Market Study Form 1300
Market Study Terminology
Market Study Firms

Preliminary Financing Guidelines

Seller Certification

IRS Form 8821
Mo. Form 8821

FIN-109 Legal Employment Practices

Non-Profit Participation Questionnaire

CHDO Recertification Form

Sample Zoning Letter

Development Characteristics Worksheet

Design Compliance Guide
Physical Needs Guide

Relocation Policy

Experience Summary FIN-105

Developer Qualifications

Management Company Experience
Management Entity Profile

Non-Property Disposition Priority Application Checklist
Property Disposition Priority Application Checklist


Maximum Development Cost Limits

QAP Hearings
QAP Hearings Memo

Loan Term Sheet

Awards 4 Percent (Round 2)
Prepared Remarks


Montana Final QAP Draft QAP


Tax Credit Supplement

Tax Credit Supplement Universal Application

Tax Credit Supplement Certification

Proposed QAP Amendment

Settlement Agreement & Release

QAP Analysis

QAP Input Session

High Cost Areas



Nebraska Final QAP Draft QAP Application

QAP Hearing Memo

Exhibit Examples

Exhibit Examples (Draft)

Carryover Manual

Cost Certification Form

CRANE Application Form



Rent & Income Limits

Round 2 Awards

Nevada Final QAP Draft QAP Application

QAP Final (2)
QAP Square Footage Change Memo
QAP Clarification Memo
QAP Clarification Memo (Targeted Population/Developer Fees)

Energy Requirement Documents


Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Equity Pricing Memo

Mandatory Home Funding Attachment: Environment Review Request Form

QAP Changes


New Hampshire Final QAP Draft QAP Application

QAP Hearings

Appendices (Final)

Appendices (Draft)

Score Sheet (Draft)


New Jersey Final QAP Draft QAP  


Proposed QAP Amendment


New Mexico Final QAP Draft QAP Application


Application Documents
Application Forms


Underwriting Supplement


QAP Training Registration

Local Lead Agencies

Green Criteria (Draft)

Green Score (Draft)

Design Standards (Draft)


New York Final QAP   Application

Notice of Credit Availability



Capital Programs Manual
Green Criteria
Reference Material

Site Control Guidance

Application Revisions
Application Presentation

New York City Allocation
Income Limits
ARRA Information
Market Analysis
Green Threshold
Green Communities Workbook
8609 Instructions
8609 Financial Update

North Carolina Final QAP Draft QAP Application

QAP Changes Memo

Preliminary Applications

Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix G
Appendix H

Major Revisions Listing and Explanation
Appendix A (Draft)
Appendix B (Draft)

Final Scores

North Dakota Final QAP Draft QAP Application

QAP Hearing Memo


Northern Mariana Islands   Draft QAP    
Ohio Final QAP Draft QAP Application


Proposed Timeline

Training Manual

Rent & Income Limits

Gap Financing Guidelines

HCGF Attachments

Credit Vacancy Rates

Environmental Review

Management Capacity Review

Capacity Review Results (August 9, 2010)

Capacity Review Results (August 25, 2010)

Clarifications & Guidance (August 30, 2010)

Discussion Topics

Gap Financing (Draft)


Oklahoma Final QAP Draft QAP Application

Application Instructions (Final) Application Instructions (Draft)

Oregon     Application

Application Instructions
Application Forms
Application Overview and Requirements

Application Proforma

Part 5 Selfscore
Part 7 Special Needs Market Assessment
Part 9 Schedule of Real Estate Holdings
Part 9 30-Year Replacement Schedule
Part 10 Proforma
Part 14 New Construction
Part 14 Rehab

Replacement Reserve Analysis

LIHTC Fact Sheet


CFC Changes Memo
CFC Technical Advisory Memo (December 21, 2010)
CFC Technical Advisory Memo (December 10, 2010)
Affordablilty Memo (January 6, 2011)

CFC Training Handout

Market Analysis Workbook
Special Needs Market Analysis Workbook

Green Building Update
Architectural Standards

Visitability Exemption Request
Floor Area Exemption Request

AIES Process

Request for Needs Priority Reassignment

Pennsylvania Final QAP Draft QAP


Submission Requirements

Additional Submission Requirements: LIHTC

Additional Submission Requirements: Preservation Applications

Additional Submission Requirements: Tax-Exempt Volume Cap

Additional Information Instructions

Submission Requirements: Additional LIHTCs

Guidelines and General Requirements

Application Instructions

Application Instructions (Exhibits)

QAP Hearings

Approved Preapplications

Preapplication FAQs

Preliminary Site Application Introduction

Preapplication Site Checklist

Submission Requirements for Additional LIHTCs

Developer Certification for Preliminary Application Evaluation

Conditional Funding Awards

Puerto Rico   Draft QAP    
Rhode Island Final QAP Draft QAP Application


Developers Handbook

Proforma (Excel)

South Carolina Final QAP Draft QAP


LIHTC-HOME Application

Bulletin 4
Bulletin 3
Bulletin 2
Bulletin 1

LIHTC Manual


Exhibit J-1
Exhibits J-2 through J-4


Program Schedule

Market Studies

Hearing Notice

Manual (Draft)

County Codes

Congressional Districts

Public Analysis

HOME Form M-47

Awarded Development Timeline

Tier One Point Scores
Tier One & Two Scores

South Dakota Final QAP Draft QAP Application

HOME-LIHTC Application

NSP Application Supplement

QAP Hearings
QAP Hearings


Tennessee Final QAP Draft QAP



Tie Breaker Calculation

Attachment 23 A/B Revised

Development Workshop

QAP Hearings

Exhibit 1 (Draft)

Exhibit 8 (Draft)

Market Study Providers

Preliminary Rankings (Corrected)

Bond Description & Exhibits
Bond Application
Bond Description

Texas Final QAP Draft QAP Application

QAP Hearings

Allocation Proration Guidance
Rural Rescue Rule


Competitive Cycle Q&A

Community Participation Forms
Applicant Identifier Number
Experience Certification

Application Presentation

Hearings for Public Comment


Housing Needs Score Methodology (Draft)

Regional Allocation Formula Methodology (Draft)

Real Estate Analysis Division (Draft)

Program Definitions
Program Definitions

4% & Bond Closure Submission
4% & Bond Application
4% & Bond Deadlines
Bond Program (Draft)

HFC Contact List
Consultant Contact List

Quantifiable Community Participation Results
Support Letters

At Risk Applications (as of March 15, 2011)
At Risk Awards
Regional Applications (as of March 15, 2011)
Regional Awards

Utah Final QAP Draft QAP Application


Awards (Round 1)

Vermont Final QAP Draft QAP Application

Proposed QAP Changes

Application Overview & Directions
Application Supplement
Checklist of Required Attachements

Checklist of Required Attachements (LIHTC)

Program Summary

Green Standards

Energy Efficiency Checklist
Evaluation Checklist
Evaluation Checklist (Draft)

Virgin Islands        
Virginia Final QAP Draft QAP


Mixed Construction Application


Instructions for Submitting Scanned Application

Divider Pages for Applications


Mixed Construction Instructions

Application Update #1
Application Update #2

Rural Development Rehab Priority Listings

Market Study Requirements
Market Study Analyst Listing

EarthCraft Multifamily Introduction
EarthCraft Multifamily Professional Training
EarthCraft Certification

Independent Auditors Report Form
Final Cost Certification and Basis Certification

8609 Application

Development Summary

Application Workshop


QAP Changes Letter & Application Workshops
QAP Proposed Changes

Preliminary Rankings
Final Rankings

Washington Final QAP  



Notice of Public Hearing on Applicants

Program Advisory 1

Program Advisory 2

Application Package Introduction



Mortgage Limits

Application Instructions

Application Combined Funders Forms

LIHTC Addendum Checklist

LIHTC Addendum Forms


Rent & Income Limits


Public Housing Authorities

Consolidated Plan Jurisdiction List

Resource Publications

Resource List

Indian Reservations Eligible for Targeted Area Points

Program Policy Memo (August 13, 2010)

Program Policy Memo (July 15, 2010)

Applicants (as of March 24, 2011)

Washington, D.C.        
West Virginia       Notice
Wisconsin Final QAP Draft QAP Application

Emerging Business Performance Report

Special Round Memo-Marinette

Delegated Administer Agreement

Summary of Major QAP Changes

Application Sample

Award Checklist

Request for Referrals

Market Study Guidelines

Nonprofit Set-Aside Threshold

Income Limits

MTSP Rent & Income Limits

MTSP Rent & Income Limits (HERA Special)

HOME Funds & Federal Loans Used with LIHTCs


221(d)(4) Cost Limit Guide

Capital Needs Assessment Policy Standards

Scope of Work Requirements

Service Provision Senior Housing

Utility Allowances

Developer Fee Policy

Fee Remittance Form

Design Requirements

HUD/RD Submittal Requirements

Development Team Quality

Identity of Interest Situations

Certified Rent Roll Requirement

Construction Signage Requirement

Development Team Experience

Local Offical Notification Form


Self Scoring Exhibit (Draft)

QAP Hearings (August)

Advisory Committee Meeting (February 15, 2010)

Advisor Committee Meeting (April 16, 2010)

Application for Additional Credit

Loan Application Addendum


Wyoming Final QAP Draft QAP Application

QAP Hearings

NOFA Round 2



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