2020 QAPs and Applications

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AlabamaFinal QAP  

Reference Material

AlaskaFinal QAP  

Reference Material

ArizonaFinal QAP  

Reference Material
2020 Second Draft QAP
2020 Competitive Round Applications List
2020 Information Bulletin 23-20

ArkansasFinal QAP 



Reference Material
Guidance on Area of Opportunity Index Scoring 2020


9 Percent

4 Percent Application


Agendas and Schedules
Meeting Agenda - Dec. 21, 2020
Meeting Agenda - Sep. 16, 2020
Meeting Agenda - April 14, 2020
Proposed Schedule & Deadlines - Sep. 2020
Proposed Schedule & Deadlines - April 2020

Regulation Updates
Final Proposed Regulation Changes with Responses - Dec. 11, 2020
Updated Proposed Regulation Changes with Reasons - Nov. 10, 2020
Proposed Regulation Changes with Reasons - Nov. 3, 2020
​Proposed Regulation Changes with Reasons - Oct. 2020
Proposed Emergency Regulation Changes with Initial Statement of Reasons - Sep. 2020
Updated Proposed Emergency Regulation Changes with Initial Statement of Reasons
Proposed Emergency Regulation Changes with Initial Statement of Reasons - Jan. 2020

Reference Material
Tax-Exempt Bond Recipients Announcement
2020 Round 2 Competitive LIHTC applicants
2020 Round 3 4 percent LIHTC applicants
2020 LIHTC Applicant List
Mid-year Credit Estimates
2020 Application Attachments
2020 Application Guidance and FAQ
2020 Round One Application and Award List
2020 Memo of CDLAC and TCAC Applications
2020 9 and 4 Percent Applications
2020 TCAC Guidance for June 11, 2020 Applicants Regarding Time Sensitive Documents
2020 Second Round Guidance
Annual Owners Certification Package for Reporting Year 2020 – Part I

Colorado Draft QAP



Reference Material
2020 QAP Summary of Changes
2020 QAP Application Fee Schedule
2020 Round One LIHTC Awards
2020 Round Two Applicant Report
2020 Round Two Narratives
2020 Round Two Awards
2020 Round Two Award Descriptions

ConnecticutFinal QAP  

Reference Material
Tax Credit Application Scoring March 2020

DelawareFinal QAPApplication 

Reference Material
2019-2020 Draft QAP Redlined
LIHTC Guidelines 2020
Qualified Census Tracts, Difficult Development Areas, Opportunity Zones 2020

FloridaFinal QAP  Reference Material
GeorgiaFinal QAPDraft QAP 


Reference Material
2020 QAP Summary of Substantive Changes
2019-2020 Draft QAP Redlined

HawaiiFinal QAPDraft QAP 

Notice of Public Hearing 2019-2020 QAP Draft

Reference Material
2019-2020 Draft QAP Redlined


Final QAP


Reference Material
2020 LIHTC Applications Received
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Allocations 2020

IllinoisFinal QAP  


Reference Material
Draft 2020-2021 Preliminary Project Assessment Review Parameters
2020-2021 QAP Summary of Key Changes
2020-2021 QAP Draft for Public Comment 

IndianaFinal QAPDraft QAP 

19-17: Final 2020-2021 Qualified Allocation Plan
19-16: Public Hearing for 2020 Tax Credit General Set-Aside
19-06: 2020-2021 QAP - 2nd Draft
19-03: 2020-2021 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) 1st Draft

Reference Material

2020-2021 Second Draft QAP
Final 2020-2021 QAP Changes Tracked from Draft 2
2020-2021 Final QAP Summary of Changes
2020-2021 Draft 2 QAP Summary of Changes
2020-2021 Draft QAP Summary of Changes
2020-2021 QAP Overview





Reference Material
2020 Round Questions and Answers
2020-2021 9 Percent QAP
2020 Draft Requirements for 9 percent Tax Credits
2020 Draft Requirements for 4 percent Tax Credits with Tax-Exempt Bonds

KansasFinal QAP  

Reference Material
2020 Reservation List

KentuckyFinal QAP 


Reference Material
2019-2020 Multifamily Guidelines
2020 Multifamily Q&As

2021 Multifamily Q&As

LouisianaFinal QAP  


MaineFinal QAP 


Reference Material
MarylandFinal QAP  


Reference Material
2020 Draft QAP Blacklined
2020 Multifamily Rental Financing Program Guide
2020 Affordable Rental Housing Awards
Fall 2020 Competitive Funding Round Awards

Massachusetts Draft QAP



MichiganFinal QAPDraft QAP 


Reference Material
2019-2020 Staff Report
2019-2020 Scoring Summary 
Final 2019-2020 Addendum III
Draft 2019-2020 Addendum III
Final 2019-2020 Green Policy
Draft 2019-2020 Green Policy

MinnesotaFinal QAP 


Reference Material
2020 Proposed QAP
2020 QAP Summary of Proposed Content Changes
2020 Proposed LIHTC Manual
Proposed 2020 QAP Methodologies
Proposed 2020 HTC Self-Scoring Worksheet - 9%
Proposed 2020 HTC Self-Scoring Worksheet - 4%

Draft QAP

MississippiFinal QAP 


Memo: 2019-2020 QAP Amendment Opportunity Zones Special Allocation Cycle

Reference Material
2019-2020 Draft QAP Hearing Announcement
Recipient List 2020
Applicant List 2020

MissouriFinal QAPDraft QAP


Reference Material
9% Notice of Funding Availability
4% Notice of Funding Availability
Five-Year Strategic Plan for Affordable Housing

MontanaFinal QAP  Reference Material





Reference Material



Reference Material

New Hampshire   


Reference Material
2020 Application Schedule for 2021 LIHTCs QAP

New Jersey   


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New Mexico  Draft QAP 


Reference Material

New York    


North Carolina Final QAPDraft QAP



Reference Material
2020 Awards List
2020 Second Draft QAP
2020 List of Preliminary Applicants
2020 Housing Credit Full Applications

North Dakota   


Reference Material
2020 LIHTC Program Allocation Plan

Northern Mariana Islands     
OhioFinal QAP 


Reference Material
2020 QAP Frequently Asked Questions




Reference Material
2020 AHTC Program Application Instructions


Reference Material
Affordable Housing Funding Notice: Portfolio Stabilization COVID-19 Response Funds
ESC-CV Funding Webinar and Application Reminder

PennsylvaniaFinal QAPDraft QAP 

Reference Material
2019/2020 Request for Proposals - Tax Exempt Volume Cap (Board Approved)

Puerto Rico Final QAP  Reference Material
FAQs about 2020 Qualified Allocation Plan
Rhode Island    

Reference Material
2020 Draft QAP Redlined

South Carolina Final QAP  

Reference Material

South Dakota   

Final QAP

Draft QAP


Reference Material
2019-2020 Draft QAP Comments

TexasFinal QAPDraft QAP



Reference Material
2020 QAP Project Plan

UtahFinal QAP 


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VermontFinal QAP  Reference Material
2020 QAP Evaluation Checklist
Virgin Islands     
VirginiaFinal QAP 


Reference Material
2020 LIHTC Manual
2020 Schedule


Reference Material

Washington, D.C.     
West Virginia Final QAP 



Reference Material
2019-2020 Tax Credit Manual

WisconsinFinal QAPDraft QAP


Updated List of Counties Eligible for Scoring Category 14 in the 2020 HTC Application Cycle

Reference Material
2019-2020 QAP Proposed Changes
2020 QAP FAQs and Guidance
2020 9 Percent HTC Applicant List
2020 4 Percent State Tax Credit Application
2020 State HTC Applicant List
2020 Self Scoring Exhibit, Sample Application
2020 QAP First Modification
2020 QAP Second Modification
2020 Appendices
2020 9 Percent HTC Award List
2020 Federal and State 4 Percent Award List

WyomingFinal QAP  Reference Material
2020 Notice of Funding Availability