2019 QAPs and Applications

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AlabamaFinal QAP Application

Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Applications Received
Application FAQs
Application Instructions
DMS Authority Online Management System
LIHTC Application Index Pages
LIHTC Application Log
Self-Scoring Form
Multifamily Application Market Study Form
2019 List of QCTs and DDAs
Deviation Request Form
2019 List of Project Names
Addendum B - Environmental Policy Requirements 
Addendum B-4 Environmental Summary
Application Survey Requirements
2019 Application Cycle Question/Comment Submission Form
Market Study Engagement Letter

AlaskaFinal QAP Preliminary Application

Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Reservation List
Preliminary Application Workbook
Preliminary Application Instructions

Arizona Draft QAPApplication

Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Exhibits
2019 LIHTC Form 3
2019 LIHTC Application Certifications
2019 Clarifications
2019 LIHTC Application Workshop Slides
Draft QAP Redlined

ArkansasFinal QAP 


NOFA Deadline

Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Application Guidelines


9 Percent

4 Percent Application

Consent Forms and Agreements Memo
TCAC Lease Rider Memo
Resyndication Requirements
Proposed Emergency Regulation Changes to Readiness Requirement
Notice of Public Hearing
Notice of Public Hearing 2019 Market Study Guidelines

Reference Material
2019 9 and 4 Percent Applications
2019 First Round Applicant List
Final Proposed Emergency Regulation Changes and Responses to Comments
2019 LIHTC Application Workshop Presentation
Application Attachments (online)
2019 LIHTC Application Workshop Flyer
2019 Joint Market Study Guidelines

ColoradoFinal QAPDraft QAP


Gov. Polis Signs Bill Increasing State Affordable Housing Tax Credits - May 17, 2019

Reference Material
2019 Round 1 4% Awards
2019 LIHTC Application Webinar
2019 QAP - Summary of Changes
9 Percent Final Allocation Application Checklist
9 Percent Preliminary Application Checklist
9 Percent Carryover Application Checklist
9 Percent Placed-in-Service Checklist
4 Percent Final Application Checklist
4 Percent Preliminary Application Checklist
4 Percent Placed-in-Service checklist
2019 LIHTC Schedule


Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Awards
2019 LIHTC Schedule

DelawareFinal QAPDraft QAPApplication  (Part I)

Reference Material
Comment Response, Summary, and Public Hearing Minutes
Pro Forma for use with 9 Percent Applications
2019 LIHTC Timeline
Draft 2019 QAP Guidelines
Draft 2019 Draft LIHTC Points Worksheet (Part III)
Draft 2019 LIHTC Exhibit Checklist
2019 QAP Download Documents

Florida   Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Allocations
2019 Proposed LIHTC Allocation Amount
GeorgiaFinal QAPDraft QAP 

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)
Public Notice for 2019 Draft QAP Public Hearings & Public Comment Period

Reference Material
2019 General Q&A Posting 7 (as of May 16, 2019)
2019 General Q&A Posting 6 (as of May 15, 2019)
2019 General Q&A Posting 5 (as of April 30, 2019)
2019 General Q&A Posting 4 (as of April 10, 2019)
2019 QAP Question & Answer #3 (as of March 25)
2019 QAP Question & Answer #2 (as of March 5)
2019 NOFA Question & Answer #1
2019 QAP Summary of Substantive Changes
2018-2019 QAP Redlined Changes

HawaiiFinal QAPDraft QAPApplication

Notice of Public Hearing 2019-2020 QAP Draft

Reference Material
2019-2020 Draft QAP Redlined
2018/2019 QAP Comments/Testimony Received


Reference Material
2019 Approved Allocations
2019 LITHC Allocations as of Dec. 10, 2018
2019 LIHTC Applications Received

IllinoisFinal QAP  

Update: 2018-2019 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) Now Available and Application Timelines

Reference Material
Draft 2018-2019 Preliminary Project Assessment Review Parameters
Draft 2018-2019 Qualified Allocation Plan Sustainable Design Checklist

IndianaFinal QAPDraft QAP 

19-17: Final 2020-2021 Qualified Allocation Plan
19-16: Public Hearing for 2020 Tax Credit General Set-Aside
19-06: 2020-2021 QAP - 2nd Draft
19-03: 2020-2021 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) 1st Draft

Reference Material
2018-2019 QAP FAQs Updated
2019A-C Applicant List

2019A-C Awarded List
2019A-C Denied List
Application Template
2018-2019 QAP Forms - Updated September 29, 2017
2018-2019 QAP Schedules
2018-2019 QAP Appendices
2018-2019 QAP Frequently Asked Questions - Updated September 21, 2017
First Draft of the 2018-2019 QAP
2018-2019 QAP Summary of Changes Second Draft
2018-2019 QAP Summary of Changes First Draft



Final QAP - 9 Percent

Final QAP - 4 Percent


Online Application

Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Awards
2019 9 Percent QAP Overview of Changes
2019 4 Percent QAP Overview of Changes
2019 Online Application Training Guide
2019 Developer Training Presentation
2019 QAP Q&A
2019 LIHTC Appendices
2019 LIHTC Exhibits

KansasFinal QAP Application

Reference Material
2020 Reservation List
2019 Reservation List

KentuckyFinal QAP 

Online Application

Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Awards
2019-2020 Multifamily Guidelines
2019 Multifamily Q&As
2019 NOFA TEB Gap
2019 Scoring Workbook



MaineFinal QAPDraft QAP


Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Awards

Multifamily Housing Notice 19-10: 2019 Comparative Funding Round Update​
Multifamily Housing Notice 19-09: LIHTC Compliance Monitoring Update EOY Reporting
Multifamily Housing Notice 19-08: Updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
Multifamily Housing Notice 19-07: 2019 Competitive Funding Round – Updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  
Multifamily Housing Notice 19-06: Update on Status of Taxable/Tax-Exempt Financing Technique​
Multifamily Housing Notice 19-05:Competitive Funding Round – Updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Multifamily Housing Notice 19-04: LIHTC Compliance Monitoring Update End of Year Reporting
Multifamily Housing Notice 19-01: 2019 QAP and Multifamily Guide – Final Draft for Public Hearing and Comment

Reference Material
Spring 2019 Funding
Spring 2019 Competitive Funding Round FAQs As of April 9, 2019

MassachusettsFinal QAP 

Online Application

2019 NOFA

MichiganFinal QAPDraft QAP 

2019 Memo LIHTC Program Information Jan. 14
Public Hearing - Lansing, Detroit, Grand Rapids, St. Ignace

Reference Material
2019-2020 Staff Report
2019-2020 Scoring Summary 
Final 2019-2020 Addendum III
Draft 2019-2020 Addendum III
Final 2019-2020 Green Policy
Draft 2019-2020 Green Policy

MinnesotaFinal QAP 


Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Round 1 Awards
2019 Housing Tax Credits Round 2 Application Instructions
QAP 2019 Webinar Recording
Webinar Presentation Notes
2019 QAP Composite Map - Greater Minnesota
2019 QAP Composite Map - Metro
2019 QAP Content and Scoring
2019 Important Dates
2019 Content and Scoring Changes Summary
2019 HTC Program Procedural Manual
2019 Methodologies
2019 Self-Scoring Worksheet (.xlsm) 
2019 Scoring and Deferred Priority Checklist Guide
2019 Self-Scoring Worksheet - 9% 
2019 Self-Scoring Worksheet - 4%  
Underwriting Standards 
2019 Final Point Ranges
2019 Declaration of Land Use Restrictive Covenants (LURA)
2019 HPH Rider 

2020 Proposed QAP
2020 QAP Summary of Proposed Content Changes
2020 Proposed LIHTC Manual
Proposed 2020 QAP Methodologies
Proposed 2020 HTC Self-Scoring Worksheet - 9%
Proposed 2020 HTC Self-Scoring Worksheet - 4%



Program Bulletin #19-0406: The Mississippi Housing Search
Program Bulletin #19-0605: 2019 Compliance Monitoring Plan Revision
Program Bulletin #19-0305: 2019 Income and Rent Limits Schedule for the State of Mississippi
Program Bulletin #19-3001: Annual Owner's Certification Report (Covering Period: January 1 - December 31, 2018)
Program Bulletin #19-0105: The Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES)
Program Bulletin #19-2903: 2019 LIHTC Compliance Monitoring Requirement Updates
Memo: 2019-2020 QAP Amendment Opportunity Zones Special Allocation Cycle

Reference Material
2019-2020 Draft QAP Hearing Announcement




MontanaFinal QAP  Reference Material
2020 Final QAP
2019 LIHTC Awards
2019 Letters of Intent Invite
2019 Letters of Intent

Final 9 Percent QAP

Final 4 Percent QAP


Online Application


Notice of Public Hearing for the 2019 Draft LIHTC QAP

Reference Material
2019 Round Two Threshold Applicant List
2019 Round One Final Applicant List
2019 Round One Threshold Application List
2018-2019 QAP Comparison
Unified Volume Cap Allocation Application
2019 4 Percent Pre-Application
Exhibit Examples
Exhibit 111 Revised
Exhibit 204
Exhibit 210
CRANE Application

Nevada Draft QAP


Reference Material
2019 QAP Discussion

New Hampshire Final QAPDraft QAP


Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Reservations
2019 LIHTC Final Scores
2019 QAP Schedule
2019 Draft QAP Hearing Presentation
2019 QAP Proposed Revisions
Proposed 2019 QAP and Application Schedule

New Jersey  Draft QAP


Reference Material
Proposed Amendments:  N.J.A.C. 5:80-33.9 and 33.12 
LIHTC Compliance Manual
2019 FAQs
2019 Tax Credit Timeline
Proposed Amendment: N.J.A.C. 5:80-5.10
Proposed Amendments: N.J.A.C. 5:80-20.2 through 20.7 and 20.9
New Mexico Final QAPDraft QAPApplication

Notice of Public Hearing and Request for Public Comments

Reference Material
Development Synopsis and Intent to Submit LIHTC Application
LIHTC Term Sheet
2019 LIHTC Underwriting Supplement
Quarterly Progress Report
2019 Public Hearing Agenda
2019 Draft Design Standards (Clean)
2019 Draft Design Standards (Redline)
2019 LIHTC Public Calendar
2019 Areas of Statistically Demonstrated Need Chart
2019 Areas of Statistically Demonstrated Need; Selection Methodology

New York    


North Carolina Final QAP 

Draft QAP

2019 First Draft QAP Major Revisions Memo

Reference Material
2019 Final Scores
2019 List of Preliminary Applicants
Draft QAP Comments
Draft Appendix B
Appendix H

North Dakota Final QAPDraft QAP


Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Applicants

Northern Mariana Islands     


Reference Material
2019 QAP FAQs
2019 QAP Technical Revisions




Excel Sheets

Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Applications First Round
2019 LIHTC Application Attachments
2019 LIHTC Applciation Instructions

PennsylvaniaFinal QAPDraft QAP 

Reference Material
2019 Pre-Application Meeting Questions and Answers
2019 List of Intents to Submit an Application for LIHTCs Received
2019/2020 Request for Proposals - Tax Exempt Volume Cap (Board Approved)

Puerto Rico     
Rhode Island Final QAP  

Reference Material
Request for Proposals

South Carolina Final QAP  

Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Manual

South DakotaFinal QAPDraft QAPApplication


Draft QAP


Reference Material
2019-2020 Draft QAP Comments



Reference Material
2019 QAP Project Plan (Jan. 5, 2018)
2019 QAP Project Plan (Dec. 14, 2017)

UtahFinal QAPDraft QAP

Online Application

Condensed Application

Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Awards
2019 LIHTC Application Scores
2019 LIHTC Applications Received
2019 Exhibits and Requirements for Application
Vermont  ApplicationReference Material
2018-2019 QAP Checklist
Application Instructions
Virgin Islands     
VirginiaFinal QAP 


Reference Material
2019 LIHTC Seminar PowerPoint
2019 LIHTC Manual
2019 Tax Credit Schedule

WashingtonFinal QAP Online Application

Reference Material
2019 June Round LIHTC Awards
2019 LIHTC 9 Percent Policies
2019 LIHTC Policy & Program Development Timeline

Washington, D.C.     
West Virginia Final QAP 


Memo 19-2: LIHTC Program

Reference Material
2019 Schedule of Set-Aside Categories and Amounts
2019 Pre-Registration Form
2019-2020 Tax Credit Manual

WisconsinFinal QAPDraft QAP


Updated List of Counties Eligible for Scoring Category 14 in the 2020 HTC Application Cycle

Reference Material
Tenant Concern Hotline Flyer
2019 LIHTC Awards
2019 9 Percent LIHTC Applicant List
2019 Self-Scoring Exhibit
2019 Sample LIHTC Application
2019 LIHTC Appendices
2019 FAQs
2019-2020 QAP Proposed Changes

WyomingFinal QAP