2020 State Tax Credit Information

* Please note this content refers to to state low-income housing tax credit programs - not the federal LIHTC program. The following chart is intended for summary purposes only. As state LIHTC programs vary widely, we recommend that you gather complete details from the appropriate state agency. Some of the information listed below is based on estimates.

Please e-mail [email protected] with any questions or with additional information about programs in your state.

StateEstimated Tax Credits
Available in 2020
Bifurcated from Federal LIHTC? Credit PeriodType of Credit Novogradac & Company LLP
Arkansas $250,000No6 years9%Rebecca Darling
California $300,000,000 (General)
$200,000,000 (California Housing Finance Agency Mixed-Income Program)
Yes BothJim Kroger
Colorado $10,000,000Yes6 years4%Jeff Nishita
Connecticut    BothCharlie Rhuda
Georgia Automatic match to federal credit up to $29,700,000Bifurcated10 yearsBothBrad Elphick
Hawaii $4,000,000Bifurcated5 yearsBothJon Adkins
Illinois $23,620,968Yes1 yearBothStacey Stewart
Maine  1 yearBothCharlie Rhuda
Massachusetts     Charlie Rhuda
Missouri  Yes  Mike Kressig
Nebraska     Rebecca Arthur
Nevada $10,000,000Yes   
New Mexico $4,800,000Yes  Jeff Nishita
New York $4,000,000 for 9% and $4,000,000 for 4%Yes10 yearsBothCharles Rhudda
Oklahoma $4,000,000   Nick Hoehn
Oregon     Charlie Rhuda
Utah $1,090,581Yes10 yearsBothMike Morrison
Vermont $400,000Bifurcated5 years Charles Rhudda

TBD indicates this figure or date is still to be determined by the according state agency.

"Not Available" indicates that the state agency was unable to respond to our inquiries.

Please note this information was provided to us directly from the states and some of the information is based on estimates. As such, please consider this chart tentative and subject to change. Application deadlines should be verified with the appropriate allocating agency. We will update these figures — which are also available to you online at www.taxcredithousing.com — as more information becomes available.