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LIHTC Working Group

Welcome to the Affordable Housing Working Group.

About the Group

The LIHTC Working Group was established to provide a platform for low income housing tax credit industry participants to work together to resolve technical and administrative LIHTC program issues that are experienced by the members of the group. Each month, members of the group participate on a conference call. Members participate in discussions and provide input regarding pending action items as agreed to by the members of the group. Novogradac & Company LLP also hosts an LIHTC Working Group meeting at a scheduled time at each of its national LIHTC conferences. Comments and suggestions are agreed to and submitted in writing directly to the IRS and/or various state agencies based upon the group discussions.

Current Projects

  • Submit comments to state agencies in adopting H.R. 3221 including how to transition the new rules into their QAP.
  • Develop best practices for the LIHTC industry.
  • Submit comments to the Treasury Department on the ability to include offsite improvements and dedicated improvements into eligible basis.
  • Submit comments to state agencies on adopting the new utility allowance rules including how the state agency is going to approve the use of third party engineers and how often the developer will need to update those calculations.
  • Submit comments on the Memorandum for Examiners Assigned Low-Income Housing Credit Cases from the IRS.
  • Submit comments to state tax credit agencies on developer fee limits and how to allocate them between the rehabilitation and acquisition piece of development. 

Public Input

The LIHTC Working Group does consider input from non-members when drafting of comment letters, recommended practices and other content. To submit input on a low-income housing tax credit topic, contact Karen Destorel at 240.235.1713 or [email protected]

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