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Praise for the Novogradac HUD Rent and Income Limits Webinars

"I personally enjoyed the detailed explanation on the 45-day rule and also understanding how AMI are calculated."
- Diana Rivera - Windmill Village HDFC

"I have taken this course each year that it is offered as it is always informative. Thomas and Wayne both have so much knowledge and enjoyment for the subject of Income Limits that it helps keep a subject that is normally very dry and hard to follow much easier to learn and understand."
- Kimberly K. Accountability Plus Inc.

“Mr. Stagg is very consistent with his delivery and he is very knowledgeable, an excellent facilitator.”
- Anna Isom, Buffalo City Mission

"Easy to follow and pleasant speakers. I have attended several of your web classes and I love the way that the instructors make the material easy to understand!"
- Mary Tucker, HCCP, A.H. of Monroe County

"Very easy to understand a difficult topic. The handouts were excellent and will be a great resource for my desk. Perfect amount of time. Time well spent."
- Debbie Wedoe, Gorman and Company Inc.

“The webinar is full of information. You leave the webinar with a better understanding on subject matters.  My expectations are always met.  I enjoy taking advantage of the webinars because I am getting better grasp and/or understanding on the subjects and/or objectives.”
-Anna Isom, Buffalo City Mission

"Wayne and Thomas interacted wonderfully in the webinar.  Love their light banter, it doesn't interrupt the flow of the webinar, but enhances it."
- Sharon Kudebeh - The Summit Group

"I'm a visual learner so I love the visuals."
- Debbie Rucker, Subcontractor for Allen & Associates

"In spite of Thomas getting sidetracked with his immense love for this subject, the webinar was extremely helpful as always. The graphics were excellent for illustrating and reinforcing the information presented."
- Akeley Irwin, National Development Council

“As with all Novogradac webinars that I attend, this was very informative and true to the description given in the advertising E-mail.”
-Alandra Potts, Tri-Star Management

“Good info. Webinars come with their tradeoffs but the cost savings & convenience are exceptional.”
-Michale Kilgannon, MassHousing

“Information was excellent.”
-Rosa Almeida, HNN Associates, LLC

“Love your courses.”
Karen Ruuth, Bellwether Housing

“Very informative. I didn't know all this going in.”
Tina Keophannga, MassHousing

“Very informative and added some comic relief to keep me on task...”
-Monica Dion, Tennessee Housing Management

“Mr. Stagg is very knowledgeable on the subject matter.  Handout is very informative.”
- Genevieve Goloy, Corporation for Better Housing

"Very informative and easy to understand the information given. This is my second Novogradac workshop and I have enjoyed Wayne as my instructor both times, very easy to listen to and gives the information in an easy to understand way! Thank you."
- Amanda Jacobs, Clinton County Community Action 

"I have been in this business for 20 years and there are still times I need to have things explained again from a different point of view.  I appreciate the different explanations you both brought to the same topic."
- Terri Bradshaw, Homestead Affordable Housing Inc.

"Very professional and knowledgeable presenters."
- Miguel Herrera, HACB

"It was great learning how limits are derived."
- Chrystal Strickler, Community Housing Partners

"High level of knowledge shared by qualified professionals and prompt attention to questions. Both instructors are very impressive."
- Leah Rodriguez, County of Riverside HHPWS

“The webinar stayed on point with the agenda while still answering questions from the attendees. There was a lot of helpful information covered. Both instructors did a great job. They complemented each other nicely and kept the webinar lively.”
- Laura Sepulveres, Quantum Realty Management

“Consistently very detailed and informative webinars. Thanks guys. As always, I continually receive valuable information from your webinars.”
- Darcey Borzileri, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority

"I didn't know what to expect, but the lesson was informative. Especially, the methodology of how AMI for each county is calculated."
- Iris Jones, Project Home

“Most compliance training focuses on how to use the posted income limits, it is great to get a better understanding on the way the limits are calculated and the various issues that affect the posted limit.”
-Dianne Hunt, Syringa Property Management Inc.

“Thomas is great as always!”
-Jieyi Cui, BRIDGE Housing 

"The information presented was clear and the presenters did a great job."
- Anna Isom, Buffalo City Mission

"Cleared up confusion regarding time frames and the income limits."
- Kathy Cooley, First Housing Corporation

"The gentlemen were very knowledgeable about the contents of the manual."
- Nancy L Johnson-Cypress Grove Homes Of Lake Village

“Thomas's webinars are always very informative. He does a great job of breaking things down in terms that are understandable.”
- Alandra Potts, Tri-Star Management


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