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Praise for the Novogradac Combining 9% and 4% LIHTCs Webinar

"Webinar was well informed, full of very useful information, and I walked away not only more knowledgeable but confident in the validity of the knowledge I'd received."
- Angela Parada, Oregon Housing and Community Services

"The panelists were engaging, clear, precise and intentional. The supporting materials an visuals were helpful in following along with the examples."
- Aisaya Corbray, Low Income Housing Institute

"Fun, engaging and informative. You managed to make a boring concept entertaining!"
- Lisa Decker, National Equity Fund

"It was a very comprehensive but understandable overview. Well done."
- Geoffrey Ehnis-Clark, Michigan State Housing Development Authority

"Clear presentation and great information."
-  Evelyn Wolff, Selfhelp Realty Group

"Great presentation on overall idea of 9%-4% twinning and things that have to be considered. Great to hear related examples from those that have done these deals.​There could definitely be a more in-depth session, but this was an excellent introductory/primer."
- Lanakay Lipp, WSHFC

"Lots of information, more detail on complex issues, creative application of concepts. Great presenters, very engaged and interactive with each other. A nice touch of humor."
- Julie Stiteler, Homeword, Inc.

"I've participated in many Novogradac webinars over the years, and this was one of the best! Excellent panel that made a very complicated topic interesting."
- Anthony Wright, Kentucky Housing Corporation

- Beyond Shelter, Inc.

"I am constantly learning new and unique ways to produce affordable housing utilizing creative strategies and structuring techniques vetted and explained by Novogradac and its related clients. I really liked the easy-to-understand presentation of a very complicated deal structure."
- Thomas E. Erickson, SVP, Highridge Costa Companies

"Tons of information."
- Pam Kostelich - East Carolina Community Development, Inc.

"Very informative, with experienced hosts."
- Ashley Bell, SC&H Group

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