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Praise for the Novogradac LIHTC Year 15 Webinar

"Great things covered and covered in such a way that was very informative. Good pace; I didn't get bored with the material."
-  Becky Shaw, BT&Co

"Appreciate interaction  and attention to addressing all questions asked.  Also the 'true life examples' that Mark and Nicolo added. Emphasis on knowing your partnership agreement well taken."
- Gina Dillman Hoskins, Englewood Development Company, Inc.

"Excellent presentation of relevant information. Very impressed with the depth of knowledge, presentation and professionalism.  I'll be joining other Webinars in the near future!"
- Joy Strassel, Executive Director, Western NC Housing Partnership

"The right level of detail and highlighting misconceptions."
- Kimberly Bridgham, Wishrock

"It explained the significance of Year 15 and the various options to exit tax credit deals in a clear and simple way. I liked the balance of experience from the GP perspective provided by Mark and the big picture provided by Nicolo. Their styles balanced each other as well."
- Barbara Bailey, The Housing Fellowship

"Engaging and Informative."
- Jack Brett, ARA Newmark

"A lot of good information was provided, clearly and concisely."
- Vanessa L. Davis, CPA, CGMA; Steele & Associates, LLC

"Detailed, but not too much 'in the weeds.'"
- Mike Boyle, CREA

"Nicolo had great positive energy and thoroughly knew his subject."
- Jeff Ginsberg, Shelter Resources, Inc.

"The organizer was clear and easy to understand and the slides were effective in explaining the concepts."
- Shannon Pow, United Management II Inc.

"Explained very well and the material was easy to follow."
- Shawna Smith, United Developers Inc.

"Clear definitions and examples; engaging delivery and great to have a practitioner with lots of experience as a co-instructor; answered every participant question."
- Karen Gotzler, Housing Authority of City of San Buenaventura

"Great job explaining the topic and answering questions.”
- Andy Ackermann, Mountjoy Chilton Medley
“Nicolo was very good at clarifying the more critical points about Year 15 and the steps leading to the referenced milestone.”
- Mary Grace Crisostomo, Beacon Communities Inc.

“Great overview of the topics discussed!”
- David Perloe, Alliance Fund Management

"Very informative for someone new to the process."
- Theresa Switzer, Peoria Housing Authority

"Very good. It reinforced the importance of monitoring the capital accounts of all the partners and the unpleasant consequences of not doing so. Thanks for the tips!"
- Gaye Morgan, Community Management Corporation

"I believe that you concisely explained all of the Year 15 issues. It was beneficial to have a developer with real-life experience involved, too."
- David Rutledge, Community Revitalization and Development Corporation

"Great slides, clear presentation (with the combined speakers) and enjoyed the quizzes."
- Sandi Levine, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp

"Very informative discussion by the presenters. They went to the heart of the issues."
- Jonathan Newsom, Long Beach Affordable Housing Coalition

"Clear, concise and helpful information on a timely topic."
- Stacy McKenna, Housing America Foundation

"The speaker seemed very knowledgeable."
- Julie Johnson, Perry Reid Properties

"Knowledgeable professionals. Very well explained and presented."
- David L. Pallante, Evergreen Valuation Services

"Great information. Clear and to the point. Great slides."
- Melvlyn Brown, Fort Worth Housing Solutions

"I really enjoyed it. The more math examples the better."
- Charles W. Lotzar

"Very knowledgeable on the subject. I appreciate the examples."
- Dan Kern, CPA, McKonly & Asbury

"Good information and answered all questions."
- Earl McClain, Jr., Mt. Baker Housing

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