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Praise for the Novogradac New Income Averaging Option for LIHTC Properties Webinar

“Everything I'd hoped it would be.  Presented at the level I was hoping forin other words, you started with the assumption that we already have a deep understanding of tax credits, did not try and get super flashy with the slides with a lot of examples, and spent time talking through the true issues and concepts, even answering our questions."

-Jen Brewerton, Dominium


“Great presentation of a new and difficult topic.”

-Lynne Behar, Low Income Housing Institute


“I have a much greater feel for what is going on.  I am the director of compliance for a property management company and owner and we need to understand how this is going to work in all aspects of our business.  I know there are still so many unknowns and that makes presenting the material more difficult.  I look forward to follow up webinars as we receive more guidance and as the industry works through the 'kinks'."

-Morrya Jones, AHC Management


“I learned a lot of valuable information and the presenters were clear and concise with their delivery.  Definitely one of the best webinars I've attended.”

-Julia Foust, Tria Adelfi LLC


“Your team did an outstanding job of presenting the material at an appropriate level for the audience. They added clarity around multiple implementation scenarios were both comprehensive and applicable. Thank you for making this webinar a useful part of my day!”

-Tracy Gordon, KeyBank Community Development


“It was well organized and the presenters were clear when they presented the information at hand. They were also really good at pointing out what knowledge is available at this time vs. what is still unknown or questionable, which is really helpful for a new program.”

-Teresa Lutz, USBCDC


“The information was presented very clearly in easy-to-understand terms.  Thank you for that!”

-Beth Dudley, TMO


“There was a lot of good information and I am glad you brought up the potential issues that you know everyone immediately has. It is helpful to say that we are all working through them together and that we just have to keep talking about them as we continue on.”

-Lisa Klevgard, In Compliance Inc.


“Answered all the questions that were feasible given the topic.”

-Angela Robinson, Spencer


“Concise, easy-to-understand format.”

-Denise Bowell, Episcopal Retirement Services 


“I think the speakers did an excellent job of handling a brand-new, confusing subject the best they could using the information that is currently available.  Perhaps there will be a follow-up webinar whenever the IRS gives some guidance on some of the issues.  (Of course, a lot of the decisions will be made by the state agencies.)”

-Patricia J. Edwards, Olynger Management Corporation


“I thought it was a very clear explanation of a very complicated topic.”

-Donna Ferraro, Century Villages at Cabrillo


“Learned about income averaging and the information shared was very helpful.”

-Bonnie Edwards, WDC USDA


“Presenters were engaging and did a good job presenting the material.”

-Tonja Adams, Bank of America Merrill Lynch


“Provided insights, based on experience and knowledge of the speakers, as to how ambiguities and areas where more IRS guidance is needed, with opinions on how the future guidance may come down (useful when giving consideration to pursue this option in the meantime).”

-Lisa Lemos, Mosaic Development Group Inc.


“Speakers were knowledgeable, organized and clearly explained complicated details.”

-Tim Gerstmann, KeyBank


“The webinar and materials provided good, simplified explanations to a complex, new federal law.”

-Maria AbdoulKarim, Compliance Manager, MRI Software LLC


“There are still a lot of questions out there, but the panel did a great job of addressing what is known and what we need to figure out.”

-Michelle Riggs, The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society


“This is a brand new subject and the webinar gave a very good overview of all of the pieces.  Very practical.  For example, income averaging is available now with regard to statute and placed in service but ...  multiple areas need to be addressed by states as well as Fed compliance guidance.  Major interest for me is resyndication and Mark's comments, though disappointing re: existing LURA, were very good.”

-Mark Sween, Dominium


“Touched upon a number of key areas not only for owner and owners agents but the LIHTC oversite and the state HFA's who have concerns as issuers of bond financing and tax credit monitoring requirements.”

-Pamela Butler, NYSHCR/HFA


“Very informative even with so many variables still out there.”

-Jennifer Malmon, Dominium


“Very informative.  Obviously, elements of how the changes will be applied are evolving.”

-Helen McIlvaine, City of Alexandria, Va. - Office of Housing


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