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Novogradac Historic Tax Credit Mapping Tool

About the Novogradac Historic Tax Credit Mapping Tool

Disclaimer: The data presented below are provided as a reference and the validity of the data cannot be guaranteed. All data should be verified with the applicable state and federal agencies before using it in the decision making process.

This tool and the data in the searchable map below reflects historic tax credit investments made from 2001 through December 2023 based on Part 3 data from the National Park Service. The congressional district boundaries shown are based on those set for 118th Congress and members are accurate of March 2024.

Details about data displayed can be viewed in an info box below the map.


How to Use the Novogradac Historic Tax Credit Mapping Tool

  • Enter an address in the search field to locate a specific location, or zoom in and click to select by state or congressional district.
  • Click ‘Historic Tax Credit Projects’ in the upper right corner to display HTC investments.
    • Click on a dot associated with an investment to see
      • total project cost;
      • WASO number;
      • date of Part 3 approval;
      • address; and
      • project description
  • Additional data layers are available; click to display:
    • 2024 LIHTC Qualified Census Tracts
    • 2024 Difficult Development Areas
    • NMTC Eligible Census Tracts
  • Click the Show/Hide info box button in the lower right to display data on the screen
  • Click the Download to CSV button to download the data shown in the info box to a Microsoft Excel-readable CSV file.
  • Click Print map to send the content displayed on screen to print.
  • Click Clear map to reset the mapping tool and clear previous selections.
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