State HTC Notices and Related Documents


810-3-137-.02 Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit of 2017 - Availability, Claiming and Transferability of the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit. (New Rule)
July 2018


Arkansas Historic Rehabilitation Income Tax Credit Act Opinion No. 20190507
June 17, 2019


Colorado 8 CCR 1504-10: Income Tax Credit for Qualified Costs Incurred in Preservation of Qualified Residential Structures
March 17, 2019

Colorado's Historic Preservation Tax Credit for Residential Properties Brochure
August 2016


State HTC SFY 2016 Annual Report

State HTC SFY 2015 Annual Report

State HTC SFY 2014 Annual Report

State HTC SFY 2013 Annual Report

State HTC SFY 2012 Annual Report


Indiana Information Bulletin #87,  Historic Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit


2018 Historic Tax Credit Awards
June 2018

Iowa 2017 Historic Tax Credit Awards
May 23, 2017

Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs Awards $38 Million in State Historic Preservation Tax Credits
May 13, 2015


IT 18-0001-PLR Historic Preservation, River Edge Redevelopment Zone credit may not be transferred
January 29, 2018


Executive Summary: Economic Impact of Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits in Kansas

Economic Impact of Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits in Kansas


Kentucky General Information Letter 19-01: Historic Tax Credit
Aug. 9, 2019

Significant economic impact of state and federal rehab tax credits announced today in Maysville

KYTC unveils new online portal to assist constituents with projects that may impact historic properties


Louisiana Stacking the Federal and State Commercial Tax Credits
October 15, 2014

State of Louisiana's 25 Percent Commercial Rehabilitation Tax Credit
October 15, 2014

Thibodaux Has A Certified Cultural District
July 8, 2014


Maryland 2018 Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program 

Maryland 2017 State Historic Tax Credit Award Press Release
December 16, 2016

Funded Projects for 2017 Maryland Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credits
December 16, 2016

Maryland Evaluation of the Sustainable Communities Tax Credit
June 6, 2016

Maryland State Historic Tax Credits: A Policy Brief on Return on State Investment
April 11, 2015

Maryland Legislature Approves Reauthorization, Expansion of Historic Preservation Tax Credit
April 8, 2014


Massachusetts Historic Tax Credit Round 38 Awards
December 12, 2016

Massachusetts Historic Tax Credit Round 37 Awards
July 21, 2016

Massachusetts Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program Powerpoint
April 8, 2016

Massachusetts Round 36 Historic Tax Credit Awards
March 30, 2016

Massachusetts Round 35 Historic Tax Credit Program Awardees
December 17, 2015

Massachusetts Round 34 Historic Tax Credit Awards
August 3, 2015

Massachusetts Round 33 Historic Tax Credit Awards
April 9, 2015

Massachusetts State Historic Preservation Plan 2011-2015
February 14, 2011


Businesses FAQ: 2019 Filing Season for Tax Year 2018 FAQ
October 24, 2018

Minnesota Historic Structure Rehabilitation Credit Report
December 1, 2016

Economic Impact of Projects Leveraged by the Minnesota Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit in Fiscal Year 2015

Economic Impact of Projects Leveraged by the Minnesota Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit in Fiscal Year 2014


Amended 4 CSR 85-5.010, 5.020, 5.030, 5.040, 5.050, 5.060, 5.070, 5.080, 5.090, 5.100, and 5.110
Oct. 1, 2019

Amended Mo. Rev. Stat. §253.545
August 28, 2018

Amended Mo. Rev. Stat. §253.550
August 28, 2018

Amended Mo. Rev. Stat. §253.559
August 28, 2018

Missouri Tax Accountability Report 2016

Missouri Economic Development Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program
March 1, 2014


Montana 2017 Historic Preservation Award
January 20, 2017

Montana FY 2016 SHPO Annual Report
December 1, 2016

Montana Celebrates $70 Million Milestone for HTC Investment

Montana FY 2013 Annual Report of Activities for SHPO
November 1, 2013


Nebraska Economic Study on State HTC Effects in 2015
December 14, 2016

Annual Economic Impact of the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act
August 23, 2016

New Mexico

New Mexico Historical Perservation Division Activities Report 2015
January 1, 2016

New Mesico Cultural Heritage Preservation Plan 2012-2016

New York

Preserve New York Grants Available
February 3, 2014

Preservation League Opens Preservation Resource Center, Celebrates Preserve New York Grant
January 22, 2014

Guidelines for the 2014 Preserve New York Grant Program


28 Ohio Historic Rehabilitation Projects Receive State Support
June 20, 2018

Ohio Awards to Assist 26 Historic Rehabilitation Projects
June 28, 2016

Awards will Benefit 34 Historic Preservation Projects
December 16, 2015

13 Ohio Communities Receive State help to Save Historic Buildings
June 24, 2014

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Department of Revenue, Division of Taxation issued Administrative Hearing Decision No. 2017-09
July 24, 2017

Assembly Approves Historic Tax Credits Program in FY14 Budget
June 27, 2013

Announcement: Historic tax credits oversubscribed; Division of Taxation to hold drawing
August 2, 2013

Heaton and Cowing Mill

Gately Building

Merchants Bank Building

Arnold Saunders House

Eagle Street Lofts

Lymansville Company Mill

4-6 Front Street at Ashton

Ashton Village

George C Arnold Building

Kenrick - Prentice - Tirrochi House

Kinsley Building

Bush Company Building

Columbia Building


Franchise Tax Credit for Certified Rehabilitation of Certified Historic Structres
January 2015


2015 Downtown and Village Center Tax Credits Awards


VCU Study Finds Historic Preservation Contributes to Virginia's Economy By Upwards of $3.9 Billion
February 5, 2014

West Virginia

West Virginia Proposed Rule 10-21C: Method of Claiming the Qualified Rehabilitated Buildings Investment Credit
October 23, 2018


PLR W1511005
April 10, 2015

Form HR-T: Transfer of Supplement to Federal Historic Rehabilitation Credit
July 22, 2014

Governor Scott Walker Announces Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to Lift Moratorium on Historic Preservation Tax Credit
July 14, 2014

WEDC Places Moratorium on Historic Tax Credit
June 24, 2014

Wisconsin's Historic Preservation Tax Credit Update
June 23, 2014


Expired Credits

Alabama (Expired)

Alabama 2014 HTC Project List
January 8, 2014

Press Release: Ten Alabama rehabilitation projects have qualified for rehabilitation tax credit reservations
January 8, 2014

New Alabama Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program Launches
September 11, 2013

Fact sheet: Alabama's New Historic Preservation Tax Credit

California (Expired)

A California State Rehabilitation Tax Incentive

California Historic Tax Credit Implementation

A California State Rehabilitation Tax Incentive, An Incentive Whose Time Has Come

California Historic Tax Credit Outline

California Historic Tax Credit Components

California Historic Tax Credit Components II

Indiana (Expired)

Information Bulletin #87: Historic Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit
July 17, 2014